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Dog food and what your dog consumes in treats and supplements is central to your dog’s health and longevity.

Diets By Breed

The ideal diet for a dog may depend on a number of different things including the activity level associated with you and your dog’s lifestyle. The biggest determinant of a dog’s ideal diet however is your dog’s breed as different breeds have different overall activity levels. Find your dog’s breed to learn more about their overall activity and diet needs.


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Brand Reviews >

Each dog food has different ingredients, nutritional values, and standards that it meets. We break down each dog food and assess what’s to like and not like, the nutritional value, what are the ingredients, and the bottom line about it it’s a good one or which other brands we would recommend instead.

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Treats & Bones >

Dogs love treats, chewys, and bones. But while rewarding your dog for being good, make sure you are giving them something that is just as good for them! Different treats and bones have different benefits or concerns to be aware of.

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Best Dog Foods & Diets >

For the discerning dog parent looking to give their dog a health boost via diet or supplements, or for the for the dog parent of a dog with special diet needs. We break down different specialty diets, what their advantages are, and how to go about getting the right chow for your dog’s diet.