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No one wants to think about what could happen to their dog when they’re healthy and happy, but smart dog parents get prepared now for what future possibilities may hold. This section is all about pet insurance as it relates to dogs specifically. Our goal is to educate and steer you toward the next resources if you decide pet insurance is for you and your pup.

Guides - What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance works similarly to insurance for people in that you pay a monthly amount and when you need to draw on the insurance to cover a major health expense for your dog, the insurance kicks in and covers part of the cost. Learn more about pet insurance for dogs in our complete buyer's guide.


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Compare Plans >

Different Plans from different insurers offer different things at different price points. Find out which plan is right for you and your dog.

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Coverage >

Pet Insurance (especially for dogs) works a little differently than insurance for people. Find out what is covered under different plans and what add ons might be good to get.

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Stories >

Real life stories from people on how their pet insurance came into play when their dog needed help.