Behavior & Training

Training you to train your dog

A dog thinks like a dog...not a person. Loving a dog makes this hard, though the more you understand and accept this, the better your pack is going to be.

With a firm understanding of canine behavior, you're ready to dig into all kinds of training tips. Scout's here to help bring out the best canine in your bundle of joy.

Flynn Bichon Frise

Westminster Best in Show | Behind the Scenes

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How to Help Dogs that Fear Thunder

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How to Read a Dog's Body Language

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Does Your Pooch Have Small Dog Syndrome?

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Stopping Your Dog From Eating Grass

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How to Stop Your Dog From Licking its Paws

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Best Dog Barking Deterrent

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What to Do About Excessive Dog Barking

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Minding Your Paw's & Q's: Children and Pet Etiquette

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Best Dog Books for Kids

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Best Books For Dog Professionals

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Socializing A Dog

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Is It OK To Leave My Dog Alone During The Day?

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How To Crate Train A Dog- From Puppies To Old Timers

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Essential Dog Reading: Books Every Dog Owner Should Own

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Potty Training Your Dog: 7 Things To Know

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