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Why Dog Wipes are Better than Baby Wipes for Your Dog

Why Dog Wipes are Better than Baby Wipes for Your Dog

If you aren’t using dog wipes as part of your dog cleaning and care routine, you’re missing out on a lot of convenience! Dog wipes are versatile, easy to use, portable, and safe to use on your dog. They’re just as convenient as baby wipes, but formulated to specifically address dog odors and to soothe dog skin.

I’ll tell you why the Earthbath All Natural Green Tea Leaf Grooming Wipes are my favorite dog wipe and I’ll give you a few more top dog wipe brands to consider as well.

Sure, you can keep using baby wipes on your dog, but it isn’t the best way. Read on to find out why.

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Earthbath All Natural Grooming Wipes, Green Tea Leaf – Pack of 1

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Pet Wipes Vs Dog Wipes: What’s The Difference?

There are several different types of pet wipes out there. Some are for birds, some for dogs, and others are formulated for potty training accidents. While most pet wipes are technically safe for dogs, they aren’t the best tool for the job.

The main difference between dog wipes and other pet wipes is the formulation. Dog wipes are specifically designed for dogs which means they’re safe to use on your furry friend’s skin. Dog wipes are just as convenient and useful and safer to use than both baby wipes and other pet wipes.

Furthermore, there are two general types of dog wipes: grooming wipes and antibacterial wipes. It’s a good idea to keep both on hand for cleaning up after your dog. Grooming wipes are great for quick surface cleaning while antibacterial wipes disinfect.

Don’t overuse the antibacterial wipes, however. Save them for occasions when you’re extra grossed out by your pooch. Potty related situations and that doggy desire to roll in carrion are two occasions that spring to mind. 

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Why Baby Wipes On Dogs Don’t Cut It

Dog wipes are superior to baby wipes because they are alcohol and Propylene glycol free. Unfortunately, baby wipes do contain Propylene glycol and it is toxic to dogs. It may not kill your dog, thankfully, but because dog wipes exist there is no reason to chance it.

It’s difficult to know how much of the solution your dog might ingest by licking his fur. You might be fine, but knowing it isn’t good for dogs inspires me to choose a different option. Thankfully, there are lots of options available which we’ll get to soon.

Alcohol can dry the skin and that’s the main reason it’s best to avoid using it on your dog. Dog wipes are both convenient and better than over bathing while alcohol wipes are not.

I also like the fact that dog wipes are made with dog messes in mind. That means they go through research and development specifically geared toward dog situations. Because of this, it makes sense to me that they’re not just safer, but better at the task at hand.

dog wipes vs baby wipes

Simplify Dog Cleaning With Dog Wipes

Now you know why baby wipes are inferior for cleaning your dog, but why do you need wipes at all? 

The answer may seem obvious: you can’t give your dog a bath everyday, but he is sure to get dirty regularly. Using dog wipes doesn’t make you lazy, though. 

Over bathing your dog isn’t much better than living with a smelly pup. Dogs develop dry skin from over bathing which can lead to stress licking and hot spots. Because of this, you want to hit a happy medium here.

Sometimes, you’re going to need to spring for a real bath. Dog wipes are perfect for smaller, daily spot cleaning on Spot. They’ll handle any mess that your dog runs into, unless your dog rolled in the mud or something similarly disastrous. 

The Versatility Of Dog Wipes

How versatile are dog wipes? There are quite a few everyday activities you do with your dog that you can clean up with dog wipes. Personally, my favorite jobs for dog wipes are cleaning on the go and cleaning a dog’s ears. 

If your dog battles a skin condition, however, that is a top priority for you and you may find yourself reaching for a medicated dog wipe. These wipes go beyond gentle cleaning to deliver medicated solutions that treat fungal and bacterial skin issues.

Let’s look closer at skin conditions and all the other situations dog wipes are perfect for. 

Dirty Dog Paws

Dog wipes are ideal for cleaning your dog’s paws after a walk or playtime in the yard. Most of the time, a grooming wipe is sufficient. Choose an antibacterial wipe if your dog walked through anything particularly gross.

For instance, the outside is full of excrement from other animals, especially if you live in a rural area. If your dog happens to run through something like this, disinfecting his paws is a great idea. You can use antibacterial dog wipes after play dates, doggy daycare and afternoons at the dog park too.

If you’re not diligent at cleaning your yard periodically, you should do that! No judgment here, but dog feces is full of bacteria and worms. Dogs can even catch things from their own excrement. So if you think it might be a little suspect in your yard, give your dog’s feet a quick antibacterial wipe when he’s done playing.

If your dog’s paws are just dirty or muddy and you don’t think he’s been in contact with harmful bacteria, just wipe him down with a grooming wipe before he ruins your carpet. If you do this regularly, your dog may actually come to enjoy the ritual. I know several who sit and wait to be cleaned after time outside.

This could mean you never have to chase your muddy dog around your house again.

After The Potty

As I’ve said before, when you’re a dog owner, you’re going to have to talk about poop sometimes. This is one of those times.

Occasionally, you have to wipe your dog’s behind after he uses the rest room because he doesn’t have thumbs. It’s part of the social contract you signed up for here. During those times, a dog wipe certainly comes in handy!

They’re easily portable so it’s simple to have them at hand on walks or during bathroom breaks. If you notice a little something you need to take care of, just wipe your dog and toss the wipe into your little dog poo bag.

This is not my favorite part of dog companionship. Because of this, I like to keep the task as easy and painless as possible. If you just ignore it, your dog could develop a rash not to mention he sleeps in your house spreading it slowly around.

Although it may seem to make sense to use an antibacterial wipe for this job, I wouldn’t get too close to a dog’s sensitive areas unless I scrutinized the packaging the be sure it was safe. I have some suggestions below in the Best Dog Wipes section for wipes that do cover both bases as antiseptic and safe for bathroom time.

why you need dog wipes

Thrills And Spills

Some days it seems like there are literally thousands of things in your home for your dog to wreck. While not all of these occasions involve messes, a lot of them do.

So when your dog gets into the garbage, reach for a dog wipe. If he digs in the plant: dog wipe. They’re also great for kitchen related accidents and messy eaters. Curious dogs who get into things like wet paint, makeup, or grease may need a bath, but you can try a grooming wipe first if the mess is small.

Use the same kind of guidelines we’ve already reviewed to decide if you need a simple grooming wipe or an antibacterial wipe. Most food related spills can be cleaned with a basic grooming wipe.

Treating Skin Conditions

Antiseptic wipes can make a huge difference in your treatment plan when addressing skin conditions. No matter how frequently you bathe your dog or clean the area, sometimes rashes and fungal skin problems persist. Using a medicated wipe can speed up healing time dramatically.

You can also use these wipes to prevent issues like smelly skin folds that lead to rashes and infections. Keeping the area clean with some daily inspection has turned things around for so many dog owners.

I have some suggestions below for wipes made to treat these types of problems.

At Home Or On The Go

The very best thing about dog wipes is how easy they are to travel with. Toss a pack or tub of them in your purse or car and they keep forever. The seal is secure so they don’t leak and you already know they’re great for quick clean up jobs.

Think of all of the times you’ve put your dog in your car dirty. It’s cringey but we’ve all done it. With dog wipes on hand you can soften some of the damage at least. Many times, the wipes are all you’ll need to protect your upholstery.

Cleaning A Dog’s Ears With Dog Wipes 

This is probably the second best thing about dog wipes: they make ear cleaning a snap. It’s very important to keep your dog’s ears clean to eliminate smells and potential infections. Some dogs don’t mind it, but many aren’t thrilled to submit to a full cleaning at home.

Your vet can perform a deep cleaning for you and between those, use dog wipes to clean your dog’s ears. A simple wipe around the inside of the outer ear really helps keep debris from ending up inside your dog’s ear. Don’t put the wipe inside the ear canal, just wipe any grime away from the external part of your dog’s ears.

The Best Dog Wipes You Need ASAP

As with most pet products, there are a ton of brands selling dog wipes. I’ve gone ahead and done some of the research for you, so here is a selection of some of the best dog wipes you need as soon as possible

Dog wipes fall in roughly two categories: antiseptic or antibacterial wipes and grooming wipes. Antiseptic wipes are medicated with antibacterial and antifungal solution while grooming wipes are not. Depending on the situation, you may want to choose one over the other.

However, many of the antibacterial wipes also contain substances to clean in addition to treating. It may be tempting to use them for everything considering this, but some dogs do react to the solution after prolonged use.

That’s one of many reasons it’s important to test the wipe on a small area of your dog before going full force with them. Ask your vet for their thoughts as well.

Antibacterial Wipes

Antibacterial wipes handle heavy messes and help with maintenance for dogs with problematic skin. This includes breeds like bulldogs and shar pei as well as dogs with floppy ears like cocker spaniels or hair ones like papillon. If you struggle with any of these issues, help is on the way.

Sogeval Douxo wipes have a complex name but they’re just as simple to use as any grooming wipe. They are antiseptic and antifungal and particularly great for cleaning inside the skin folds of wrinkly dogs. They are also a great help with skin problems around your dog’s paws. Many owners find that any dog smell is eliminated after a use or two. So these wipes treat both the smell and the underlying cause: fungus and bacteria.

Pet MD Chlorhexidine Wipes are another great option in antiseptic dog wipes. They have a non-sting formula that dogs prefer and are perfect for skin issues, minor cuts, or scrapes. Additionally, the antifungal properties eliminate yeast and fungus issues common in dogs. Most impressively, they are made in the USA under FDA, USDA and FSIS regulation. 

Another great antiseptic dog grooming wipe is the Vet One Keto Hex. This product is safe to use on cats and horses as well as dogs and contains antifungal and antiseptic ingredients. If you aren’t satisfied with the product, contact the manufacturer to let them know. They boast a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy.

Grooming Wipes

Grooming wipes, on the other hand, are gentler and don’t generally don’t contain any extra antiseptic properties. Because there is some overlap in terminology between grooming and antiseptic dog wipes, it’s smart to always read the label.

Grooming wipes handle muddy paws, household spills that get on your dog, and simple ear cleanings. They are generally gentle but may be scented.

The Earthbath brand dog wipes are my favorite because they are totally hypoallergenic. There is almost zero chance your dog won’t tolerate these wipes. Additionally, they are biodegradable which really helps offset the waste wipes create. They are allergen and fragrance free and use all natural conditioners.

Scout’s Pick

Earthbath All Natural Grooming Wipes, Green Tea Leaf – Pack of 1

Buy from Amazon

I also love the Nature’s Miracle company and they make dog wipes as well. These wipes are mild, have conditioners, and they’re formulated to deodorize. They’re also alcohol free and lightly scented. They’re my second pick for best dog wipe.


Nature’s Miracle Deodorizng Spring Water Wipes, 100 Count

Buy from Amazon

The DermaPet MalAcetic Wipes are actually formulated for your dog’s sensitive areas and also come in handy on the go packs. It’s safe to use this product in skin folds, on your dog’s fur, and around their genitals. I don’t recommend that you wipe your dog’s face with these wipes, however.

The smell of these wipes is pronounced, so you or your dog may find it distasteful. You also have to test these on a small area before wiping them all over your dog. Each dog is different and could be sensitive, and by the way that goes for all of the wipes I suggest here.

DermaPet MalAcetic Wet Wipes/Dry Bath, 100 Count

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Tushie Wipes aren’t just a flashy product with a cute name. They’re formulated for your dog’s potty situations and have extra cleaners to help with persistent messes. They’re also vet approved to give you added confidence. There’s no reason not to use them on other parts of your dog too.

Petkin Tushie Wipes, 100-Count Pack (Pack of 4)

Buy from Amazon

Finally, the Petpost wipes are specifically for ear cleaning. You can use any of these wipes to safely clean your dog’s ears, but these also help protect against mites. They get an honorable mention here because they’re tailored to the specific and necessary job of cleaning dog ears.

Petpost | Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes – 100 Ultra Soft Cotton Pads in Coconut Oil Aloe Solution – Remedy for Dog Ear Mites & Dog Ear Infections

Buy from Amazon

best antibacterial dog wipes

Happy Wiping! 

No matter what messy situation you’re in with your dog, there is a dog wipe that can help. They allow you to address the problem right away which keeps the mess contained. They can prevent your muddy dog from ruining your clothes or furniture.

There is even a biodegradable wipe in the product suggestions so you can have your convenience without creating waste that harms the environment. Is it really possible to have it all? When it comes to dog wipes, yes.

I’m excited for you if you’re about to make your first dog wipe purchase. It opens the doors to efficient cleaning anywhere, keeps your dog healthy and safe, and protects your home and vehicle.

Share your favorite band of wipes in the comments to give others a hot tip and share this post with any friends you want to convert to a dog wipe lover. They’ll thank you later.

Speaking of thanks, thank you for spending your time here again at ScoutKnows. I’ll see you soon with more dog information.

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