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6 Most Beautiful Golden Retriever Mixes You Must See

6 Most Beautiful Golden Retriever Mixes You Must See

There are some interesting dog crossbreeds out there. The Golden Retriever is a very popular dog itself but the many different recognized crosses have some great characteristics and are sometimes a better fit for some pet parent’s lifestyle. A cross can come in a lot of different colors. For example, the Golden Doodle can be black.

Varying Traits

When you crossbreed any dog, you cannot be sure what personality and physical traits will be the strongest. Genetics are funny like that. Sure, you can make some assumptions, but that doesn’t mean that the color of the resulting puppies or the personality is going to be exactly like one breed or the other.

Cost Considerations

Crosses are popular. The demand and rarity of some crosses can lead to it costing a substantial amount to get a puppy, even more than a purebred breed. A Golden Doodle, for example, can easily cost $1,000 from a reputable breeder. While you may find some crosses as rescues, specific crosses may require being on a waitlist or traveling significant distances.

Questions and References

So you are ready to become the parent of a Golden Retriever crossbreed. You have found a breeder that appears to have some cute puppies. Now you need to delve a little deeper. Having both of the parents on site can be reassuring. If one is absent you might ask to see a picture or get a reference from the owner of the other parent. A health check from the vet and vaccination records may also be something you want to see. When purchasing a puppy, it is pretty standard for them to have been wormed a few times and vaccinated.

Standard Poodle + Golden Retriever = Golden Doodle

This cross is very energetic. My husband’s parents recently got a puppy and he definitely requires frequent walks in spite of the large yard they have. One advantage of this cross is that they do not shed a lot so your house will stay a bit cleaner, and they can be a great solution for those that have allergy concerns. On the other hand, they require regular trimming of their coat, so be ready to give them a full grooming service every 2-4 months. If you get them used to it, you can do this at home but considering their energy levels, you might want to leave it to a pro. While the name Golden Doodle makes you think puppies are all golden, they can be a variety of colors, including black. Check out this picture of Tucker the Golden Doodle puppy for an example of this common color. 


Dachshund + Golden Retriever = Goldendoxie

This is a beautiful medium sized dog that offers a lot of fun companionship for those that want an energetic dog. Goldendoxies tend to have a medium length yet soft coat that requires a little bit of brushing to keep up.


Golden Doxie

Bernese Mountain Dog + Golden Retriever = Golden Mountain Dog

This is going to be a big dog so be prepared! Expect strong guarding and some hunting instincts. This is a dog that is best suited for those that have a bit of space, like a large yard.

Golden Mountain Dog

 Chihuahua + Golden Retriever = Golden Chi

Golden Chi’s resemble a long haired Chihuahua but they tend to be quite a bit larger. This energetic dog is a great companion for families and individuals. They tend to bark a good bit so good training or lots of room should be on the itinierary.


Golden Chi

Golden Retriever Labrador = Goldador

This is a great mix for a family dog. They often look like your typical Golden Lab so don’t be surprised when others think you just have a good ole’ American lab as your dog. These crosses are gentle and moderately active. It is still recommended that you have a mid-sized yard or at least take them on a lot of walks.


Golden Retriever Dalmatian = Goldmation

This is another cross where you can get a lot of different colors. Goldmations can also vary a bit in personality but can be a bit guarded so good socialization when young is recommended.


More Mixes Every Day

The breed mixes included in this post are just a few of the more common Golden Retriever mixes you will find from breeders. There are a lot more out there. If you are interested in rescuing a Golden Retriever mix, there are probably more than a few out there that are in need of a loving forever home. 

Rescues often charge a small fee but that is to cover the cost of making sure your future dog friend has food, shelter, veterinary care, and spay or neuter services. The cost of rescuing is far less than buying a puppy from a breeder. At the same time, it is important to get the dog that best suits your lifestyle. An energetic big mix is not going to be the best choice for someone in an apartment but a Golden Chi or Goldendoxie may be just the thing. I am all for rescuing dogs, but make sure you can provide what that particular dog needs. Sometimes rescues will allow you to foster a dog for a week or two before deciding if things are going well enough to proceed with an adoption. 

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