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Why I Chose a French Bulldog

Why I Chose a French Bulldog

Part of the “Why I Chose” series where ScoutKnows brings you stories from dog owners in their own words about why they chose the dog they did.

It took me a year to get over my Neapolitan Mastiff’s death and consider getting a new dog. That’s not to say I don’t miss Grey (the mastiff) anymore. But I had to get a new canine, for what can be better than snuggling up to unconditional love on four legs. Now, most people would assume that after a mastiff, I would go in for another large breed. However, I live in a joint family with 6 other people in the house; and not all of them are comfortable with dogs. Moreover, I regularly host friends and colleagues, so I was looking for a breed that’s easier to handle.

While the French bulldog’s squishy face with large eyes instantly bowled me over, there were practical reasons too to choose the breed.

Pros and Cons of French Bulldog

One, the breed is small enough to not scare someone who is not comfortable with dogs. In fact, I have had the French bulldog for close to 20 months and my grandma has taken a shine to canines now. Two, and more importantly, the breed is small enough to be a travel companion. When you go on vacations as much as we do, it always helps if you can take your dog along. We missed the mastiff on quite a few because of his sheer size. Three, my research suggested that French bulldogs don’t need a lot of exercise. In fact, their pudgy bodies are ill-suited to a lot of running. That fit perfectly with our lazy ways. The French bulldog was to be our perfect snuggle machine.

Cost of Getting a French Bulldog

I got mine from a trusted breeder for $1500. He did warn me about a lot of unscrupulous breeders out there who can charge upwards of $2000 though.

Things I Wish I Knew About French Bulldogs

Don’t get me wrong here. I am very happy with Christian. It would have helped though if I knew French bulldogs aren’t the most social dogs out there. While Christian does not bark, he gets finicky around strangers and even stray dogs. If you are thinking of getting a French bulldog, I would advise you to socialize him with other dogs and people when he is still a pup. I made the mistake of waiting too long, and given that French bulldogs can be stubborn, I don’t think I can do much about the situation now.

Also, keep in mind that this breed is prone to skin allergies. Mine is periodically afflicted with redness and rashes, which means heft vet bills. The vet hasn’t been able to figure out the cause though. I keep the air-conditioner on most times, so heat can’t be the reason. I just put it down to one of those idiosyncrasies of French bulldogs. Other than all of that, the breed is fine, except the snoring bit. And the farting. That has its advantage though. I pin it on him every time I let one go when my girlfriend comes over.

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