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The 8 Best Dog Houses for Sale on Amazon

The 8 Best Dog Houses for Sale on Amazon

Every dog needs a space they can call their own. For some dogs, a house is critical to comfort whereas others just like something that allows them to get out of the weather every so often. Scout thinks the Suncast Dog House that is our first review is the best overall choice for a basic dog house in terms of durability and value. The house can hold pets up to 100 lbs and even if you purchase a separate pad for the inside, you are only out about $100. If you need a smaller size, the cost is even less. Your choice of dog house is an important one so here are some of the factors to consider when purchasing a dog house.

If you decide pre-fab isn’t the way to go, you could always build your own too.

What to Consider When Selecting the Right Dog House


The type of climate you have should be one of the most relevant factors in your dog house choices. If you get a lot of rain then you want to choose materials that hold up well to moisture. Wood dog houses are cute and generally sturdier than plastic, but require treatment with a wood preservative or special paint in order to prevent rapid weathering.

Warmer climates or longer haired dogs meant that an insulated dog house is not necessary in almost all cases. Smaller dogs may appreciate a heating pad during some parts of the year. Three sided dog houses or loafing shed style dog houses can be a good choice. Some dog houses have small covered porch areas so dogs can have some shelter but still stay cool when it is hotter out.


The bigger the dog
the bigger and more expensive the dog house. Those with very large
breeds will find it more challenging to find doghouse kits and
prebuilt dog houses that actually make a good fit for their dog. It
is very important to not try to make your dog use a house that is too
small for them. Stiffness and joint issues can be aggravated if they
are not allowed to rest comfortably.


Not all dogs
like the idea of a “cave” or den. This means a dog house that is
very closed off and lacking in light or visibility may not be the
best choice. If a dog doesn’t like their dog house or find it
comforting at times then they are just going to refuse to use it
unless absolutely necessary.


There is no question
that some dog houses are a lot more attractive than others. Paying a
little more or taking more time to research your options can be well
worth it to get a dog house that is comfortable for your beloved dog
but also doesn’t take away from the appearance of your home.

Indoor or Outdoor Dog House?

Even indoor dogs can
like having a house to go to when they need some time to their self.
An indoor dog house area also helps designate space so that your dog
learns where they can always be without getting in the way of the
rest of the household activities. A lot of dogs will learn that is is
the best place to keep toys and other things.

Cost Versus Durability

There is something to be said for buying a dog house that will stand the test of time. There are good deals out there but don’t expect to pay a rock bottom price and get a dog house that holds up a long time. Part of this is of course dependent on usage. If a dog house is always going to be under cover or inside then it doesn’t need to be built as sturdy. Cuteness and appearance can cost more too. If you want a dog house that is customized then you might consider fixing up one yourself.

Don’t Forget To Calculate Bedding Into the Cost

Not all dog houses come with something padded or at the very least comfortable to lay on. You can always add a mat after purchase but make sure to include this into the cost when budgeting for your dog house. There are kinds to choose from with some even having a heat pad built in.

Ventilation & Cleanliness

Airflow is important. You don’t want your dog to have to deal with molds and mildew. If a dog house is too small or lacks proper ventilation then it can be trouble, especially if you have a dog with allergies or skin conditions. Dog houses that open up so you can clean them or change out bedding are very nice to own over the years.

The Best Dog Houses on Amazon

Scout’s Pick

Buy from Amazon

This is an amazing plastic dog house. It is made of material that is similar to Rubbermaid benches and outbuildings but it is much more affordable. It is rated for dogs up to 100 lbs amazingly enough for the price. It is easy to assemble and you can get a pad for the inside for under $25. If you get a lot of sun this dog house will not last as long as if in a shaded or protected area because all plastic resins are somewhat susceptible to sun and UV damage. Also you will need to be careful about the dog house getting too hot for your dog if it is not in a shaded area and it is summer time. Some dogs are simply not as adapted to warmer temps. This dog house is not insulated so colder areas may want to add a heat pad to the house during some parts of the year.

Talk about cute! This adorable little house provides two different options for your beloved small dog. The cedar construction means you can use this house outside but it will last longer if protected somewhat. It is easy to assemble and the lattice work and balcony provide a comfortable and space efficient area for dogs to lounge when they don’t want to be inside. A lot of pet parent’s use these inside because they offer dogs two options indoors. Although a lot of the photos show cushions and pads being used, the dog house does not come with any. If used outside it is recommended that you use outdoor grade cushions and fabrics for best results.

This is a small dog house so if your pet is over 25 lbs or so you may want to consider a different option. For dog parent’s of small dogs though it is a great buy.

This is pretty well thought out for a plastic dog house that ships easily to your door. The extra large opening is a major plus for tall or big dogs or just those that don’t like too enclosed of a space. The larger opening makes it easier to get pads in and out and for cleaning. The sloped entry way helps moisture stay out and the dog house stays cleaner. With this dog house you don’t have to worry about elevating if for air space underneath because that is built in. The whole house weighs around 30 lbs so it is not too cumbersome to move around if necessary. During very rainy or inclement weather you have the option of purchasing a plastic curtain style dog door.

This dog house actually comes in 3 sizes but the Large size seems to be one of the most popular. The wood construction definitely looks good and while the door opening dimensions are not given, the size seems substantial for a dog 70-90 lbs. Scout likes how the longer design means that dogs can get cozy away from the door if they want so they can stay out of the weather easier. Just like other dog houses, you can get a door to go on it if you need to. It is great the there are other sizes available too so you can get matching dog house for the smaller dogs in the family as well.

Igloo style dog houses are a popular design, especially in places where the weather can get rough. The ventilated top and microban coating keeps bacteria and mold from growing and ensures that your dog has good air flow and temperature control in their house. These are not cheap dog houses but you are getting a very long lasting product. The price of about $100 doesn’t include the custom sized pad that you will need to buy due to the unique shape of the dog house. This pad will set you back $41. This dog house is constructed and insulated with heavy-duty structural foam which makes it strong yet lightweight. The wide base is stable in winds. For the money for a small to medium dog, it is hard to go wrong with this one for a long lasting and very warm and weatherproof solution.

The challenge with igloo dog house is making sure you buy the right size. If the house is too big then it might not offer the level of warmth you need for your dog and if it is too small they might avoid using it or be stiff. Measure your dog and buy smart.

This portable pet shelter is a big seller on Amazon but it is not for year round use at all. Think of this as a tent for your dog which sometimes might be kind of nice if you camp at places where you can drive to and take some extra stuff with you. Vacations are another time when this would come in really handy. If your dog is destructive though then this might be a bit too fragile for them. A mesh floor and back section make this tent have good airflow. Scout can see how this would be great for beach trips where dogs might have a hard time finding shade. At just a little over $30 this could make getting away with your pet a lot more comfortable for them.

For the price it is hard to beat this dog house. Although this is not the best dog house for really cold places, for warm climates it offers fabulous air flow and a substantial size for even larger dogs. Some assembly is required but all you need is a screwdriver and about 10 minutes to put this together. For a budget-friendly dog house, combine this with a pad and you are good to go. This house only weights about 11 lbs so it is ideal for those that need a dog house that can be easily moved. Surfaces are smooth for easy cleaning.

This is a smart looking dog house that offers a nice close fitting house for dogs that like the den feeling. The wood construction looks good and it offers dogs a big opening to look out from. The wood frame is lightweight yet very weatherproof design. This is a handsome dog house. You will have to buy a pad for it. This dog house is raised off the ground so it will stay warmer and not absorb moisture as readily. It also makes it more difficult for rain and other inclement weather to get. The seller does state that it does take 20-45 minutes to assemble but you can do it with a screwdriver. The roof is sheet lined and the wood is pest resistant. This dog house could easily be painted to match your own if desired. Occasionally retreating the wood after the first year of use can increase the life span of your dog house.

Dog Crate [Indoor Housing]

Not technically a dog house, but for owners looking for create that safe, cave-like feel for their dog indoors instead of out, it might be the way to go. Open-wire crates work better than any others, and sizing will vary depending on your dog.

Some people love the idea of crates for dog houses indoors whereas some pet parents don’t like the idea of caging their dog. Dog crates can provide a space indoors but they are not a substitute for a dog house because they don’t have a roof or any way to protect dogs from the weather. If you just need a space for them inside that is designated theirs, some pet parents say their dog loves their crate.

Knowing When It’s Time to Upgrade

Your dog’s needs are unique. If your dog stays inside a lot then they might not even use a dog house that much so you might want a budget model. Dogs don’t always like very enclosed dog houses so when in doubt get one that gives them good visibility. A good pad for the inside can make all the difference for a lot of dogs.

Over the years your dog may need a different style of dog house. Older dogs may want more room to comfortably lay without putting too much pressure on joints and hips for example. Also, any dog house has a limited life span. This will depend on your climate and how well you take care of it as well as the quality of what you have bought. A lot of sunlight can lead to sun damage in plastics for example that can cause cracks that let in rain. If your dog’s house is leaking then either fix it or get them another. Dog houses are very affordable and your dog deserves a comfortable place to shelter and rest. Scout hopes this article has helped you decide which dog house is right for your family.

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