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Best Dog Pooper Scoopers

Best Dog Pooper Scoopers

With dogs comes poo. That’s just how it is, and as dog owners we need to be aware that we are going to have to deal with said poo from time to time. But fear not, dog parents! We have listed the best dog pooper scoopers to make this job as painless as possible for you.

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Why Is Having A Decent Pooper Scooper Important?

If you’re old-school, you might be wondering this exact thing. I mean, a spade and a plastic bag works just as well, doesn’t it?

Well, while this may be true, part of the magic of these devices is that they are way more hygienic than a spade, and far less prone to accidents like dropping stuff all over the place when you’re picking up poop.

It’s easy to use, designed exactly for the purpose of collecting and disposing of in the most hygienic, least disgusting way possible. You’ll be happy you went for one of these over an old-school spade.

With its long handle and mechanism, there’ll be no more sore backs from bending over to clean up the mess, and no more accidental getting too close to things while trying to remove it.

Laws About Pet Poo

Yes, there are such things. As a pup owner, it is your responsibility to become familiar with the laws of your particular state or area, as these can vary.

For those of you who are aware of such laws, you may be thinking that this only applies to public spaces when you are walking your pooch. Not necessarily – in many places, your own yard is not exempt from the law.

Why Is There A Need For Legal Stuff About This?

Good question. Many of us may see animal waste as a kind of free manure, promoting grass growth and so on. The problem is that the feces carries some nasty things in it, and when it lies around and isn’t cleaned these things can make their way into water supplies and become a real danger to environmental and even public health.

There are numerous examples of pet feces contributing to bacterial or parasitic growth, and causing health problems in other animal populations or even human populations. Would you be happy showering in water that may just be contaminated with bacteria from doggy waste?

I didn’t think so … These issues are what gave rise to laws about cleaning up after your pet, and when you think about it, the logic can’t be argued with.

What Can Happen If I Don’t Comply?

Depending on the nature of the violation, pet owners could be slapped with hefty fines, or in some cases, face jail time. The penalties vary by state, so be sure to look yours up.

Don’t be too confident thinking you can get away with a poo drop and run, either – European countries have been DNA testing pets to be able to match piles with owners. This approach is being quite rapidly adopted in many areas in the US too, especially in gated communities and apartment complexes, to combat the issue.

Some Things To Consider Before Choosing One:

While it may seem like there can’t be all that much variation, there are definitely some important factors to think about before deciding which would work best for you and your pet.

1. Size of Your Pet

Small dogs (usually) leave small poops. Large dogs can leave safety hazards. You need to make sure you have a good idea of just how wide the jaws on the device need to be able to open before you go buying one.

Of course, smaller ones can work just as well for larger loads, but who really wants to be doing it twice when once can suffice? You would most likely not use a small one for a Great Dane, and you certainly wouldn’t need a heavy-duty device for a Yorkie.

2. Where You Might Need To Use It

Are you only planning on using yours in your back yard, and leave it lying on the porch when not in use? Or are you going to be carting it around with you while walking your pup?

This makes a difference because you don’t want to be lugging around an enormous, heavy, unwieldy piece of equipment if you’re going to be out and about. Consider where you are likely to use it most and how easy it may be to move around.

It also makes a difference in what surface you are likely to be using it on. Using it only on grass is quite easy on the tool, and it will most likely last a long time. When it comes to concrete or gravel, however, this may cause the scoop to have some accelerated wear and tear, so something harder might be a better plan.

3. Ease Of Use

The mechanisms are pretty similar on most tools, but it may be worth comparing a number of them to determine which one suits you best.

Do you want one that can be operated with one hand only? Would you prefer an open/close jaw type dog feces scoop, or would a rake and spade type suffice?

Another thing to consider here is your own flexibility. Are you able to bend, or do you need something that will allow you to reach it without leaning over? Some scoops are designed for this function, while others are simply “bend ‘n scoop” types.

4. Quality

If you’re a pet person and are likely to be using it often, you don’t really want to go buying a new one every other month. Make sure you get a decent quality scoop that is durable.

Of course, things that need to thought in this department include how often you might be using it, what surfaces you would be using it on (this can cause it to wear down much quicker), and the materials it is made of.

Best Dog Pooper Scoopers

Let’s check out some of the best pooper scoopers out there today.

Bodhi Dog is a family owned business, and their self-proclaimed aim is to create harmony between people and their pups. They’ve designed the Poo Pack to be an all-in-one solution to cleaning up after your pooch wherever you are.

Their scoop is a non-complicated spring design and is a kind of point-and-go type of action. While there is nothing particularly fancy about this one, it serves its purpose fantastically and is a really compact little kit that keeps you covered for all poop emergencies.

These reviews are generally positive and lean towards the ease of use of the product. Lightweight, easy to use, and sanitary, this is a great kit to keep things clean. It comes with a roll of bags, and a handy bag holder that can be clipped to the handle.

  • Complete poo cleaning kit
  • Built out of non-stick plastic
  • Can be used on just about any surface
  • Ergonomically designed finger slots for comfy use
  • 24 inches long
  • Affordable
  • Includes pooper scoo, waste bag holder, and a roll of bags
  • Large bucket scoop works for large and small dogs

Petmate’s offering to the world of picking up waste is the Swivel Bin and Rake. While this requires two hands instead of one, the main draw here is that the bin is large enough to hold….A very sizeable load, or multiple smaller poops.

The handle can extend more than three feet, making it easy to be on poop patrol without actually getting close at all. You can use ordinary grocery bags, and they clip in nicely to the sides of the bin.

This is another non-fancy tool, but it works great for small and large poops alike. It probably wouldn’t be super easy to use on-the-go while walking your dog, but it would definitely work great for backyard clean-up.

  • Two pieces snap together for easy storage
  • Made from easy to clean, durable plastic
  • Designed for pickups on surfaces including grass, dirt, and pavements
  • Extendable handle (up to 3 feet)
  • Uses ordinary grocery bags
  • Can accommodate a large amount of waste

Petphabet’s scoop is an easy to use, one-handed jaw scoop with serrated teeth to make sure nothing gets missed. Durable and well-constructed, it’s designed to be easy on the hands, and works on a variety of surfaces.

It also folds right in half, which makes it easy to carry around with you and makes for convenient storage.

  • Comfortable grip handle
  • Works on grass, gravel, and cement
  • Foldable for easy carrying and storage
  • 26 inches long
  • Affordable
  • Offer some good scooping advice on their Amazon page!

Simple and super un-flashy, this device is designed to do one thing and one thing only – get the job done in a clean and simple way. What you do with the waste from then is up to you.

With a comfortable rubber grip and rust-resistant wire, this one is well suited for backyard use. You can use it on pretty much any surface, but the wire design is particularly helpful for picking up on the grass.

There is absolutely nothing fancy about this one, but it’s affordable and does what it’s made to do.

  • Best on grass and sand
  • Affordable
  • 31 inches long
  • Rust-resistant

The DogBuddy comes in three sizes and hooks right onto your pet’s leash, so it’s easy to carry around when headed to the dog park. At just 7.1 inches long, you come a lot closer to what you’re picking up than with others, but the ease of use makes this no issue at all.

This one is a fairly standard tool, with one very useful feature – the back end expands up to 2 inches, to make space for more if you need. It also has a handy little bag holder built-in, and can be used with any standard size bags.

The DogBuddy is also somewhat cuter than other options on the market. It comes in a couple of different colors and really doesn’t look like the pooper thing. Who knows – this could be the thing that catches the attention of that cutie at the park.

  • Easy to carry
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Adjustable waste space
  • Built-in bag holder
  • Can be used with any standard size bags
  • Cute, and comes in a variety of colors – depending on what your pet likes best

Dog waste removal has never been so hardcore. Made from heavy-duty aluminum and with an option of flat or toothed, this one will last you forever. The scissor-style design is sleek and easy to use, both on concrete or asphalt (flat) and on grass and dirt (teeth).

This metal device works just as well for small dogs as it does for giant ones, and you won’t leave any bits behind when scooping with this monster. The two metal trays interlink to pick up anything from tiny to enormous piles.

Other Scoopers That Deserve A Mention:

Perhaps the above options aren’t quite what you’re looking for. The business of choosing the best tool for this dirty job can be a tough one. The options are many and varied, and there are a good few different mechanical workings to choose from.

If you have yet to find your perfect match, here are some other quirky options that you might like.

Doody Digger Pooper Scooper

The Doody Digger immediately looks different to other scoopers, and it works a bit differently too. A one-piece design with no moving parts, this is as simple as you can get.

Scoop the poop in one end, tilt it upwards and let the poop slide down into the bag attached to the other end. That’s it – easy as anything. It comes with branded Doody bags, but any bag will do.

Customer reviews suggest that this tool is effective for poops of all sizes. Don’t scoop and tilt too vigorously though – nobody wants poo flying around.

  • Made from recycled material
  • No mechanical parts
  • Incredibly durable
  • Can be used with any bags
  • Very easy to clean
  • Easy to use

Patpet J Tou Portable Pooper Scooper Claw

Portable, affordable, and durable; this is an effective little tool. It is nothing fancy, but it gets the job done pretty well and is very easy to use. It comes with 90 waste bags in a separate container and can be used on just about any surface.

This one is a “bend ‘n scoop” type, so if you struggle with getting down low for clean-up operations, this may not be the one for you. It also may work best for small dogs, although it can definitely be used for bigger loads.

  • Easy to use
  • Small and easy to store or carry
  • Affordable

HealthPro Dispoz-A-Scoop

These are probably the cheapest ones on this list, but they also require you to be in the closest contact with the poop during the process. If you aren’t fussy about that, these disposable tools are a great, sanitary option.

You can buy a pack of 96, 250 or 500. Simply use the cardboard handle to get your pick-up action going, and close up the bag once you’ve finished. Throw it away, and that’s the end of that.

These will also require some bending to get the job done, but if you can deal with that, these disposable devices are great.

  • Very affordable
  • Reusable (apparently … I think this is up to you)
  • For dogs up to 120 pounds

Other Pooper Scooper Options

If you do not like the idea of collecting your pup’s waste up with any of these contraptions, you might want to make use of these external waste removal services.

A professional pooper scooper (yes, there are such things!) will come to your residence and do all the work for you. Dog poo removal in this fashion can really only apply to your own property – although if you can find somewhere to hire a professional to follow you around the dog park and clean up after your pooch, please let us know in the comments!

If this sounds like a plan to you, PetButler does a great job of doing your removal for you. They are, in their own words “#1 in the #2 business”, and all you need to do is schedule a weekly service and they’ll do the dirty work for you.


Buying a pet pooper scooper for dog owners isn’t a hard job, but there are a variety of options out there. Be sure to do your research and figure out which would be best for your waste management needs before buying your dog poop scoop.

Of course, don’t forget to ask your pooch what they think too. You are a team, after all. check out our dog food reviews to select food for your pup that may make the job easier for you! Check out also our list of the best dog food for less poop.

Let us know in the comments if there are any amazing pooper cleaning devices we missed!

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