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Best Retractable Dog Leashes

Best Retractable Dog Leashes

Is your pup bouncing off the walls? Does she get restless? Bark at nothing? In order to stay healthy, dogs need exercise. Of course, you could grab a traditional rope lead. However, a retractable leash offers more ease, freedom, and function. The lead length glides in and out, adjusting automatically. This way, it won’t tangle around your dogs’ legs.

As you know, you need a leash just about everywhere. Your pooch should walk 30 minutes to 2 hours per day. Therefore, you’ll want something durable. Whether you want your dog to stick close or explore. With retractables, you’re in control. Great for hikes, walks, runs, and romps!

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Even if you’re not using it, it’s good to have with you. Conveniently, retractables store easily. Stick it in your purse or clip it to a backpack. Comparatively, this is convenience you don’t get with traditional rope leads.

5 Top Rated Retractable Dog Leashes Table

RecommendationRetractable Leash
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Best Double Dog LeashNo products found.
Best Night Time LeashNo products found.

Our Top Choice: MigooPet Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash

This retractable is designed for durability. The durable nylon ribbon extends 16.’ The tough plastic casing prevents cracking from dropping impact. The buckle is chrome-plated and swivels 360 degrees at the joint. Moreover, the retraction springs are stainless steel and will not rust. The locking mechanism is one button for an easy slide. It comes in 2 sizes. The small/medium supports breeds up to 45 pounds. The medium/large holds up for medium-sized or larger breeds. It supports up to 115 pounds.

Also, it comes in both grey and purple. This leash is lightweight with an ergonomic design. The non-slip grip handle is a comfortable soft rubber. Therefore, you won’t experience hand strain while you walk. Ideally, this makes it great for long walks. Additionally, it comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

Key Features

  • Designed for durability
  • Two sizes
  • Two colors

Our Runner-Up Pick: Flexi Giant Tape Leash

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This long leash extends up to 26.’ Therefore, it gives your pup maximum freedom to explore. It’s bigger than most, but this allows for the long lead. Conveniently, all Flexi leashes come with a safety collar. Thus, it prevents snapback if the collar breaks or the leash disconnects. Unfortunately, this is a potential hazard while you’re walking. Therefore, Flexi leashes are great in terms of safety.

The specially designed lead slot prevents tangling. Also, it features a comfortable soft grip handle. It has a large easy to use brake button. The neon tape is easily seen in the dark. It comes in 2 sizes. The medium supports small to medium dogs up to 55 pounds. The large can support breeds 110 pounds or less.

Ultimately, this is a great option if you’re in an open space. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable letting Rascal run free. However, with 26 feet, he can run free while staying safe. This is perfect for dog breeds that enjoy running. It comes with a 2 year limited warranty. For directions, watch the attached video.

Key Features

  • Long lead extends 26’
  • Comes with safety collar
  • Designed to prevent tangling
  • Neon tape for night walks
  • Two sizes

Best Budget Pick: Pet Neat Retractable Dog Leash

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The ergonomic grip is comfortable and anti-slip. The retractable lead is thick no tangle nylon material. Also, the retracting mechanism has a heavy-duty internal spring. Therefore, it’s designed to last. Additionally, the bright color is high visibility for nighttime. It can support medium and small dogs up to 44 pounds.

Upon review, the marketing is contradictory. It says it supports up to 44 pounds in the main description. Further down, it claims to support up to 100 pounds. Also, it’s not clear if the lead length is 10’ or 16.’

However, for the price it reviews well with pet parents. Moreover, this product comes with some cool add-ons. The bone-shaped bag dispenser comes with 2 rolls of poop bags. Also, you get four free e-books with your purchase! These include dog first aid and a puppy training guide. Moreover, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. You can return it for your money back or a replacement.

Key Features

  • Budget friendly
  • Designed to last
  • No-tangle ribbon
  • Bright color for nighttime visibility
  • Includes bag holder
  • Comes with handy e-books
  • Lifetime guarantee

Best Double Dog Leash: Wigzie Dual Doggie 2 Dog Retractable Leash

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If you’re walking two pups, you know the struggle. You’re tired of spinning around and getting tied in knots. However, double leashes provide the perfect solution. You’ll have control over each dog separately. This way, one can explore while one does his business.

The color coding lets you know who you’re stopping. Both the leads and the brake button are color coded. They support breeds up to 50 pounds. Each lead extends out 10.’  Ultimately, this smart way to dual-walk makes walking more enjoyable.

Key Features

  • Double leashes for convenient dual walking
  • Color coded for convenience

Best Night Time Dog Leash: Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash

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These types of leashes are perfect for night walks. It’s unsafe to walk at night without something visible. Furthermore, it’s scary thinking cars can’t see you. However, a built-in LED flashlight prevents this hazard.

Additionally, it comes with a bag dispenser for easy clean-up. This includes one roll of bags. Also, the locking mechanism is newly improved to eliminate jams. The handle is ergonomically designed.

Moreover, the heavy-duty plastic casing is durable. It can handle breeds up to 50 pounds. You can let your furry friend roam up to 15.’ The flashlight is nice and bright for good visibility. However, batteries aren’t included. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, the manufacturer will replace it.

This durable option contains reflective stitching to provide visibility. Additionally, it can support up to 120 pounds, the heaviest we reviewed. Therefore, it’s great for large breeds that pull. The nylon ribbon is double stitched for extra strength. It’s built with tough plastic to withstand wear and tear. The brake and lock are one easy slide button. The lead extends out to 16.’

Also, it comes with a bag dispenser and one roll of bags. It has a 60-day money back guarantee.

Key Features

  • Reflective stitching for visibility
  • Supports up to 120 pounds
  • Double stitched ribbon for durability
  • Includes bag dispenser and bags
  • Long lead extends 16’
  • Bright LED flashlight for night walk visibility
  • Includes bag dispenser and one roll of bags
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Heavy duty plastic casing
  • Manufacturer will replace no questions asked

Buyer’s Guide

Still not sure if a retractable is for you? We’ve put together this buyer’s guide to make it easier.

Who Should Buy a Retractable Leash

You’re training or want more control on walks

You’ve tried wrapping the leash around your hand. This leaves you with hand fatigue. As a matter of fact, you end up letting your pooch drag you everywhere.

Uniquely, retractables give you control. If you’re training, lock it to a certain length. If you’re somewhere Frisky can explore, let the lead out. The longest retractable lead reaches out a whopping 26’! This allows your pooch freedom while maintaining her safety. Additionally, another great tool for training are training collars!

Your dog likes to chew

Have you ever come home to a chewed rope lead? Conveniently, retractables mitigate this problem. The lead coils up into the plastic casing. Therefore, the chewable part will stay hidden.

You walk two dogs at once

It’s hard to sanely and safely walk two pups at once. The leashes tangle. They walk in opposite directions. You can’t monitor lead length for two at once. You end up letting them pull you every which way.

However, with double retractables, you can finally walk in peace. Now, you’ll have convenient control over both dogs. Fluffy can stop and sniff. Frisky can lunge at squirrels. No more tangled mess! Check out the Wigzi Dual Doggie Retractable.

You walk at night

Walking at night with nothing visible is too dangerous. If you walk on the side of the road, you don’t want to risk it. Likewise, if you’re heading somewhere secluded, you’ll still need to see.

That’s where retractables with flashlights come in. This way, you still have a free hand. Also, reflective tape is also a good option. It won’t help you see. However, it does help you be seen. Check out our reviews for the best nighttime options!

You’re a courteous dog owner

Nobody likes seeing dog poop everywhere around their neighborhood. Thus, some retractables come with attachable waste bag dispensers. Sometimes, they’ll get you started with your first roll of bags. Hence, you can clean up after your pet. Now, you won’t forget your bags because they’re already attached!

You’re a professional Dog Walker

If you’re walking dogs every day, a retractable is a great buy. They offer comfort with their ergonomic design. They fit like a glove. This way, you won’t tire your hand out.

Moreover, they offer control. This is something you want, especially for multiple pups. Additionally, the hard plastic casing offers more durability. Drop it over and over. Use it for years. These babies will hold up. Dog walkers will love them!

You like to take your dog on hikes

A traditional rope lead doesn’t offer much freedom. Indeed, a retractable allows more freedom to explore. It lets you and your furry friend hike at your own pace. However, you still have control. Now, your pup won’t be getting the way of other hikers. She won’t get lost or wander off the path. In fact, you can reign her in at any time. Retractables are a must have on a hike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a retractable dog leash?

A: A retractable lead extends out from a coil. As your pup walks towards you, it retracts. Then, it continues to adjust automatically to your desired distance. You can let it glide in and out as you walk.
Alternatively, you can lock it, so it stays in one place. You can buy retractable leads that extend anywhere from 10’-26.’

Q: Are retractable leashes dangerous?

A: There is a potential choking hazard with any leash. However, if used properly, you can completely avoid any risk. Make sure never to let the lead wrap around your dogs’ neck. Retractables make tangling a lot easier to avoid. However, retractable leashes present additional hazard because of their self-adjustments. If it tangles around limbs it could tighten on its own. Likewise, if it gets wrapped around you and your pooch pulls. Walk with the same care you’d use with a traditional rope.

Q: Will a retractable dog leash hold up if my dog pulls?

A: The retractables we reviewed are durable. They come in different sizes. This way, you can tailor your purchase to the weight of your dog. If she pulls, buy a larger size. The sturdy Tuff Pupper supports up to 120 pounds.

Q: Are retractable leashes good for puppies?

A: A retractable is a great training tool for puppies. It lets you decide how close you want your pup. It keeps both of you safe on the roadside. You can allow puppies more freedom in open areas. This trains them to behave different in different settings.

How much exercise does my pup really need?

This depends on a couple factors. Both age and breed factor in.


According to the U.K. Kennel Club, “A good rule of thumb is a ratio of five minutes of exercise per month of age (up to twice a day) until the puppy is full grown, i.e. 15 minutes (up to twice a day) when three months old, 20 minutes when four months old etc. Once they are fully grown, they can go out for much longer.”


In the adult years, 30 minutes is a good baseline. This allows them enough time to get sufficient exercise. However, 2 hours every once in a while is optimal.


Our furry friends are just like us. As your pooch ages, he may not be able to keep up the same pace. Walks and play are still important. However, they should be taken at a slower pace. Equally, they should be shortened. You wouldn’t want to overdo it. Arguably, getting out regularly to move is even more important for seniors. This will help with pain and maintaining mobility. Just make sure you’re not pushing too hard.


Just like each one of us humans are unique, as are our pets. Doing some research on your pup’s breed or breeds (for mixed pups) is a good idea. We’ll cover some basics to get you started. Smaller breeds tend to be less active. Extra large dogs generally tend to be less energetic. Flatnosed breeds like pugs and bulldogs are more sedentary than most. This is due to their respiratory systems, which can cause them to slow down. Active breeds like shepherds, terriers, and retrievers should get the most exercise. The more energetic the breed, the more exercise they need to stay healthy,

Get Creative

Feel free to get creative. Exercise doesn’t just have to mean walking. Games of fetch, swimming, or other toy play is good for short sessions. Hiking and running are great possibilities for longer spurts. Some people bike with their pup. In this case, pick up a bike leash to make it easier. Some even rollerblade with their furry friend! Read this article to find out how.

Other Retractable Dog Leashes We Reviewed

  • Double Dog Retractable Leashes
  • Fashion Retractable Leash

Double Dog Retractable Leashes

Everstars One in Two Dual-Head Automatic Retractable Leash

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You can walk two dogs at once with dual leads. This one supports breeds up to 100 pounds. Also, the lead is made with eco-friendly nylon. It is durable and tangle-free. The leads and brake buttons are different colors. Therefore, you won’t get confused about who’s brake you’re pressing. The grip is ergonomic and generously sized. Thus, you can fit a glove through in winter. Also, it comes in 3 colors. You can choose black, gray, or bright blue and pink.

Key Features
  • Walk two pups at once
  • Supports up to 100 pounds
  • Color coded brakes and leads

Dual Retractable Dog Leash

No products found.

This dual retractable is bright colored. Therefore, it’s easy to find. Additionally, it has a happy, colorful vibe to it. It extends 3 meters, which is almost 10.’ The leads and brake buttons are color coded. Thus, you’ll know who you’re stopping. Truly, double dog leashes work great for walking two dogs. It can get tricky trying to use two leashes. Now, you won’t end up with a huge tangle.

Key Features
  • Easily walk two pups at once
  • Bright colors
  • Color coded leads and brake buttons

Fashion Retractable Leash

DOGNESS Retractable Leash

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This retractable has a pretty green design. Now, you can feel stylish while walking. It extends up to 13.’ Additionally, it has a small D-ring for accessories. This way, you can clip poop bags right on it. The tape leash is water-proof and durable. It will support up to 55 pounds. Also, the rubber handle is comfortable and non-slip. Notably, it comes with a lifetimes warranty. This even includes accidental chewing!

Key Features
  • Unique design
  • Weather-proof
  • D-ring for poop bags
  • Lifetime warranty


Dogs need exercise for their physical and mental health. Retractable leashes allow for all types of exercise. They let your pooch walk, jog, even gallop. There are many different options when looking at leashes for dogs. You may want a combination of affordability and function. Perhaps lots of roaming room is important to you.

Maybe you take lots of night walks and need visibility. Or, you’re sick of being pulled in 2 directions. Whatever your retractable leash needs are, we’ve got you covered. We’ve reviewed the best retractables on the market. You can be sure that real pet parents approve. Now go out there with your furry friend and explore! If you’re still looking for a good leash, read here.

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