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The Best Dog Brushes for Golden Retrievers

The Best Dog Brushes for Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds out there. Knowing how best to care for your dog’s coat is essential to being a good dog parent. Finding a comfortable brush that is actually effective at grooming your Golden is one very important step you can take to keeping your Golden Retriever’s skin and coat in top condition and health. Scout loves the Safari brush because it can take on the Golden’s thick double water resistant coat. The medium to long hair of a Golden can make it prone to matting and tangles but this brush will take on these problems with less frustration and a higher level of comfort for both you and your dog.

Why Regular Brushing Is So Important

Brushing your Golden regularly not only helps their skin and coat, it also can significantly reduce the amount of pet dander and fuzz in your home. If you have central air and or heat, then vents and filters will not clog as quickly so you save time and money on filter replacements. Excessive pet dander can really make house cleaning a lot more time intensive even just with the extra vacuuming. If someone in your house suffers from allergies then regular brushing may help them as well depending on the root cause of the allergy.

Brushing also encourages pet parents to take a look at their Golden’s skin and spot any potential problems so they can be addressed ASAP. Long and medium coated dogs that don’t get brushed regularly may have or develop skin problems. An infected ingrown hair can be painful and need treatment but can be very hard to notice on a messy long coat. Mats and tangles can contribute to hot spots and hair loss.

Types Of Brushes

Undercoat Rakes

  • First step to a complete brush out
  • Gets rid of dense undercoat fur
  • Eliminates the toughest mats and tangles

Slicker Brush

  • Designed to remove tangles and mats from outer coat
  • Smooths and shines
  • Does not remove undercoat mats and tangles effectively


  • Use a fine blade to remove softer bits of undercoat
  • Thins the coat
  • Not recommended for use on Golden’s in general because consistent use can damage the outer coat of your dog

Combination Brushes

  • Usually pin style on one side and bristles on the other
  • Great for everyday grooming and shedding issues
  • Inexpensive
  • Comfortable for kids and adults to use

6 Best Brushes for Your Golden Retriever

Scout’s Pick

Safari Pin & Bristle Brush for Dogs with Plastic Handle

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For everyday grooming and hair removal, it is hard to beat this wood handled dual purpose brush. Amazon offers an amazing deal on it with their add-on program so for about $5 you get something that can tackle undercoat mats and smooth and shine. Keep in mind this is not an undercoat rake so for really serious tangles and mats you will probably still need another brush. For all those other times though the Safari should do just fine. Dogs with sensitive skin will do well with this gentle brush for daily grooming needs.

Dog Grooming Brush for Shedding Pet With Long or Short Hair – Dual 2 in 1 Pin and Bristle Quick and Easy to Use With Swivel Head for Extra Comfort Fuzzy Family Supplies – Green

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This pin and bristle brush is another one that is great for those on a budget. The round shape is unique and may be more comfortable for some people to use. The non-slip swivel handle is ergonomically designed to be comfortable even during extended grooming sessions. Rounded tip pins gently remove undercoat matting and tangles while the bristle side smooths, slicks, and distributes oils throughout your pet’s coat for a healthy and shiny look.

Pet Undercoat Rake: Wide Dematting Brush For Shedding Hair, Stainless Steel Fur Stripping Comb, Suitable For Labrador And Large Cats (32Blade)

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For those that want a serious undercoat rake, there is the FenFen. This heavy duty rake has 32 stainless steel blades that can take care of the worst mats and tangles you can imagine. Your dog will feel cool and comfortable after a grooming session with this rake that is designed to be gentle and not irritate even sensitive dog’s skin. Using this rake results in less fuzz and mess around your house. No more fur clouds and drifts that seem to pop up everywhere no matter how much you vacuum or dust!

Pet Republique Professional Dog Dematting Comb Rake – Undercoat & Mat Brush – Knot out for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Any Long Haired Breed Pets (Undercoat Rake)

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This rake features rounded pins for comfort so while you are getting out major mats and tangles your Golden Retriever stays comfortable and calm. The coated handle is comfortable and the pins are long enough to reach down into the longest of fur for effective removal of dead hair and undercoat. This is a good all-purpose rake that combined with a quality slicker brush such as the Pet Portal Self Cleaning brush, makes a combination that addresses all your Golden Retriever brush out needs!

The Pet Portal Self Cleaning Slicker Brush with Retracting Bristles – Cat & Dog Grooming Brush that Easily Removes Mats, Tangles & Shed Fur for Long & Short Haired Pets – Cleans Out Fur in 5 Seconds

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Can we just say that Scout loves self-cleaning brushes? When you have a lot of dog to deal with, having a brush that you can wipe the fur off of after the mere click of a button saves a lot of time. You can also put hair directly into a bag for disposal so it doesn’t go everywhere. This large slicker brush is a bargain for all the time and hassle it saves. The large size takes care of big jobs faster and the handle is designed to be comfortable throughout a big grooming session. Once you try a self-cleaning brush you will not want to go back to using anything else. If you have a puppy that is shedding a lot then this is a good option for daily hair removal and coat maintenance needs.

Pro Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats – Pet Grooming Dematting Brush Easily Removes Mats and Tangles from the Pet’s Coat – Works as an Undercoat Rake for Loose Fur – For Long and Short Haired Pets

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This the ultimate slicker brush for distributing oils evenly and getting rid of top mats and tangles. The gentle yet numerous pins make this brush safe to use on dogs that have sensitive skin or just plain out and out don’t like any type of grooming or fussing with their fur. If you are concerned about durability then stop right now because this brush is made to last and has a cushy handle that means you will actually not mind using it on your Golden. The one disadvantage is that it is not self-cleaning like the Pet Portal Self Cleaning Brush so while the results may be fabulous with this slicker, it is going to take more time to groom your dog than with a self-cleaning brush. This would be a great slicker brush for use on puppies.

Tips for Grooming Your Golden

Golden Retrievers are high energy. Since they’re so active, they have a tendency to get a bit dirty so you should expect to spend a decent amount of time grooming them. A lot of dirt leads to mats and tangles so a short daily brush out can reduce the amount of bath time and decrease how tangled and matted hair ever gets so you don’t find yourself or the groomer having to cut out mats that just won’t come out.

1. Allow Enough Time to Gently Do the Job

Tough mats and tangles can be time-consuming to remove especially if done gently. Getting in a hurry and pulling too hard can get your dog very upset and make the whole grooming process stop very fast. If a dog learns that grooming is something that hurts them it can be hard to ever change their mind

2. Do It Outside When Possible

Fuzz and dander can be excessive so if you have a chance to brush outside or at least in your garage then it is advisable to do so. You can create a very big mess rather quickly doing a major brush out inside.

3. Use Detangling Sprays or a Conditioner After Bathing

Some shampoos already have conditioner in them and some do not. When in doubt you can use a detangling spray to help make brush outs go faster and with less tugging and pulling.

4. Use the Gentlest Touch With Puppies

Puppies can get very dirty. Brushing can help remove dirt and debris and increase the amount of time between baths. They can also be very wiggly wanting love and attention. It is important to use gentle brushes that don’t irritate their skin. The undercoat is not all grown out and developed so a double sided pin style and bristle brush is often the best option.  Rounded coated pins can take care of the major tangles while the soft bristle side will do just fine for daily brush outs so your house isn’t full of fuzz!

Deciding Which Brush Is Best for Your Unique Golden Retriever

Chances are you will need more than one brush to keep your Golden Retriever’s coat in top condition. If your Golden is less active you may be able to get away with a double sided pin and bristle brush but odds are at some point the undercoat rake is going to come in handy. Scout advises having two types of brush on hand.  Buying two quality brushes should last for a long time. Scout hopes this has helped you find the right brush for your fuzzy family member.

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