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Top 10 Dog Toys for Great Dane

Top 10 Dog Toys for Great Dane

Most dogs love to play and Great Danes are no exception. Many of them retain their goofy, puppy-like traits well into adulthood, and if you don’t get them some toys of their own, you might well find them improvising with your household items.

Given their size and strength, Great Danes are capable of creating mayhem, so you will be better off providing them with a collection of dog toys instead. Keep in mind though that the best toys for Great Danes should be ones that can withstand plenty of rough handling. Look for toys made for large dogs, such as these indestructible dog chew toys, as these toys will be made of sturdier materials. Some of them will be touted as ‘indestructible’, but this may be more of a marketing ploy than an actual possibility. No toy is likely to remain indestructible when confronted with an enthusiastic Great Dane, but they will give your pet a good deal of enjoyment before departing for Toyland.

Here is one toy you might like to get for your Great Dane:

Specific Considerations Regarding Great Danes

Great Danes were originally bred for hunting, but these days you are more likely to find them lying on your couch, dreaming of the hunt. They are family-oriented dogs, with affectionate and kindly dispositions. They will try to climb into your lap long after they have grown to their full size and will subject you to a full face licking and full body tail whip if you protest.

The friendliness can get overwhelming at times, but they are loyal companions and won’t hesitate in participating in all your activities. Cancel entering a triathlon together though. Despite their muscular appearances, Great Danes are not great athletes with enduring stamina, and you don’t want to have to cross the finish line carrying their load on your back. These dogs need to get sufficient rest between their bursts of activity.

Great Dane Size

Great Danes are giant dogs and require sufficient space to live and play in. If you live in a tiny apartment, this breed may not be for you. It could get problematic having the dog knock off things left and right as they try to move about, turn around, or wag their tails, and their rambunctious moments and their resounding barking could get you in the hot water with the neighbors.

A lack of sufficient space can get frustrating for the Great Danes themselves. Imagine having to live in a constrained way, fearful that you will get reprimanded if you move. Over time, the frustration could manifest itself in an aggressive dog or a dog with a destructive streak. Keep this in mind if you are yet to get a Great Dane and do what is best for the dog. These dogs will be happier in a big house with a spacious yard where they can roam to their heart’s content, without running into obstacles, knocking things over or having people complain about them. However, if you are a proud gardener you may need to supervise their outdoor activities and be at hand to stop them before they dig up your plants and create craters everywhere.

Health Concerns Of Great Danes

Great Danes are prone to many health problems like bloat, cardiomyopathy, hip dysplasia, arthritis, hypertrophic osteodystrophy, and cancer. Some of these can be avoided or managed to an extent with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Pet parents should research foods that will be the most nutritious and easily digestible for their Great Dane, and make sure that their pet eats enough to retain the breed’s sleek, muscular appearance, without becoming underweight or overweight.

Exercise your dog every day to keep them mentally and physically fit, but do take their age and health into consideration. It is best to not subject Great Danes puppies to too much exercise, as this can stress and harm their developing joints. Older Great Danes may suffer from joint health issues and a mild to moderate exercise will benefit them more.


Importance Of Play For Great Danes

Play is important for both puppies and adult dogs as it is a fun activity and relieves stress. It is also a good way of bonding with your pet and establishing a trusting relationship. Don’t get carried away though, and keep your Great Dane’s size in mind. A playful thwack from a Great Dane will feel a lot different from one from a Bichon Frise, and a Toy Poodle trying to wrap their paws about your waist will be easier to tolerate than a Great Dane weighing down on your shoulders and panting in your face.

Many Great Danes seem to have little to no awareness of how large they are and how their size and weight affects others, so it will be up to you to train your pet from an early age to respect personal boundaries. Don’t let your Great Dane get away with the idea that knocking over people is a fun pastime. What may seem amusing in a puppy could lead to tragedy with a full-grown dog.

Best Toys For Great Danes

Great Danes can be lively dogs, and most of them will take to toys with glee and gusto. With so many toys available though, which should you get for your dog? Pet parents are often tempted to buy everything they like, but it is a better idea to take your Great Dane’s character into consideration when getting them toys. What is your dog like? A happy-go-lucky extrovert or shy and retiring? What does your pet like to do best? Be active outdoors, or slumber all day on the sofa? If you are the proud pet parent of the couch potato, it won’t make sense to get a Frisbee or a ball. They’re just not going to rise and chase and fetch, no matter with how much enthusiasm you do the tossing and throwing.

If your pet loves being outdoors, get them a ball to chase after or a Frisbee to catch. Just remember to get larger sized balls that they won’t accidentally swallow. Tug ropes are also good, but do yourself a favor and don’t get overly competitive about pitting your strength against your Great Dane’s. Try not to mind too much when the puppy gets the upper paw.

Great Danes will also enjoy a good chew toy that they can gnaw on for hours on end. Some manufacturers claim that their chew toys will also be great for maintaining canine teeth, but it might be best to treat these claims with caution. A good diet and regular dental care are more likely to keep your pet’s teeth in good condition. For information of how to maintain canine dental hygiene, please check out these articles on ScoutKnows:

Pick toys made of safe materials that won’t be potentially harmful to your dog, and avoid flimsy toys that your Great Dane can take apart in minutes. You don’t want your pet swallowing things they shouldn’t be swallowing. If you need help with selecting a chew toy, you might like to check out these two articles about dog chews toys here on ScoutKnows:

Many Great Danes seem to love squeaky stuffed toys and will entertain themselves all day by getting the toy to squeak. It can be an endearing sight, watching your gentle giant attempting to get a squeak out of a plush toy. If the noise annoys you, instead of depriving your Great Dane, please consider investing in noise-cancelling earphones for yourself. You will need to replace the squeaky toys frequently as an enthusiastic Great Dane can demolish them with little effort.

You can also foster your Great Dane’s intellectual abilities with interactive dog toys. These are toys that encourage your dog to think and figure out how to move knobs, panels, or flaps to get access to hidden treats. Large-sized kongs that can be filled up with your pet’s favorite goodies are also great for keeping your pet occupied and entertained.

You can also make home-made toys by stuffing newspaper into old socks and knotting the ends to make stuffed toys and repurposing old plastic bottles and plates as throw toys.

The best toys for Great Danes are the ones that will thrill and engage your particular puppy, and will be able to withstand a great deal of mauling.

Interesting Dog Toys For Great Danes

As you see, there are a variety of dog toys that you can buy for your pet. Consider your Great Dane’s personality before making your purchase and try to find toys that won’t come apart too easily. Bear in mind though that there is no such thing as an ‘indestructible toy’, whatever a manufacturer may claim. An inventive and determined Great Dane will always find a way to take a toy apart. The most you can do is get a toy that will take days to be destroyed, instead of mere minutes, and which is made of safe materials that won’t be potentially harmful to your pal.

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