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The 7 Best Dog Brushes For Your Husky (Grooming Tips)

The 7 Best Dog Brushes For Your Husky (Grooming Tips)

Dog brushes are not all the same. The dog brush for your Husky needs to address their unique grooming and coat needs. This means you may even have to have several brushes. Scout’s choice for best husky dog brush has to be the Furminator Deshedding Tool for Dogs, the last rake reviewed in this article. It’s gentle yet still tough enough on stubborn undercoat to get the job done. While the price may be higher than some traditional brushes, it provides the most benefit and is made to last. Husky parents on a budget should consider the DakPets Furblaster which features a long handle and solid construction at a slightly friendlier price point.

Types of Brushes

Undercoat Rakes

Huskies have a short
and thick undercoat that can cause a lot of knots and tangles if not
brushed out somewhat regularly. The onset of warmer and colder
temperatures can trigger a lot of shedding, and that means you need to
brush your dog more regularly. These rakes can seem a bit sharp when
you feel them so remember to take it easy and learn what is okay for
your dog.

Smoothing and Finishing Brushes

After you brush out that thick undercoat you are going to want to take on the outer coat and smooth it out for a nice finish. A medium bristled brush is about all you need. This can also help out in applying spray in conditioners and glosses by spreading it out for a more even finish.

Scout wants you to get a brush that actually performs in a positive way so here is a list of some of the best dog brushes for Huskies.

The 7 Best Brushes for Your Husky

DakPets Dog Brush & Cat Brush For Small, Medium & Large Dogs and Cats, With Short to Long Hair. Dramatically Reduces Shedding In Minutes GUARANTEED!

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Dakpets claims that in 10 minutes of grooming with this brush you can reduce the amount of shedding hair from your dog by up to 95%. This is a pretty big claim to make but Amazon reviews indicate that this brush does an excellent job of reducing the shedding mess that your Husky can leave all around your home. This classic style undercoat rake de-mats and detangles fur in no time and is affordable. The brush comes in three fun colors to match your dog’s style, pink, yellow, or teal blue. The colors mean no more losing your dog brush. The long handle gives better control and a higher level of comfort to the groomer.

Pet Comb Extra-Large Rake Comb Grooming Brush Deshedding Tool Beauty Comb For Large Dogs Golden Retriever Husky German Shepherd

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This undercoat rake takes care of business but has rounded tips so if your dog has sensitive skin or requires a more gentle grooming experience, you don’t have to sacrifice performance for their comfort. The rounded tips gently remove even the thickest undercoats. The handle is mid-length. The whole comb has a length of 6.7 inches and is 5.9 inches wide so you can get a lot of fuzz under control in little time. For those looking for a basic, effective, and economical undercoat rake, this product delivers.

Parateck® Dogs Grooming Brush Deshedding Glove for Labrador Shepherd Bulldog Golden Retriever Beagles Yorkshire Terrier

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If your dog cringes every time you get out the brush then this mitt you wear on your hand is sure to calm and soothe them because it feels a lot like they are getting petted and babied by you. This mitt has metal pins that get rid of shedding. At this price, you might want to keep two around. The back of the glove is mesh which allows for good air flow while you are grooming. Some pet owners use this mitt to help massage in shampoos and conditioners for better effectiveness.

FURminator Dog Slicker Brush, Firm, Large

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After you get your Husky detangled and all of the undercut tamed, you will want to create a nice finish. This large slicker brush is just what you need to create a glossy and shiny finish that will give your dog a just came from the groomers look. Any remaining surface mats are eliminated with the use of this brush. The Furminator is specially designed to reduce pressure on the skin of your dog so they are confident and comfortable.  Although the bristles are made of quality stainless steel, this brush is gentle enough to use on dogs with sensitive skin. As you brush your dog the head flexes so you can get into all those hard to reach spots with ease. Scout loves the ergonomic cushioned handle that makes extended grooming sessions more manageable.

2-in-1 Pet Glove: Grooming Tool + Furniture Pet Hair Remover Mitt – For Cat & Dog – Long & Short Fur – Gentle Deshedding Brush – Rubber Tips for Massage – Soft Groomer Mitt – Your Pet Will Love It

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This cool looking grooming glove will take care of a lot of the shedding your double coat husky experiences throughout the year. This glove is mostly for just grooming and slicking the top coat so it is good for maintenance or when used in conjunction with an undercoat rake. The soft velour side is ideal for getting Alaskan Husky fur off your furniture and upholstery. The rubber nubs on the other side take care of the shedding and provide a soothing massage for your dog.  The elastic around the wrist is nice because it helps the glove stay on and not slip everywhere when you are grooming your pooch. For dogs that don’t like a pin brush or similar, a glove is a good solution to at least part of grooming time. Some dogs learn to enjoy the glove and find it soothing.

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

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This amazing brush effectively detangles surface mats and smooths for a glossy finish. Scout loves that all dog parents have to do is push a button on this deshedding tool and the bristles retract so hair can be smoothed away into the trash in seconds. This means you save a lot of time on grooming because you are not having to spend as much time cleaning the brush. At just under $20, this is a grooming tool that any Husky or Husky mix owner should have in their grooming tool kit. This is a great brush for those that have dogs that fidget a lot after even short grooming times. Bristles are made of fine gauge wire that is amazingly gentle on the skin.

FURminator Long Hair deShedding Tool for Dogs, Large

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Look to the Furminator for the best undercoat rake out there. Scout loves that the Furminator comes in different sizes so you can get the one that fits your hand the best and how your groom your Husky. The large size is the best value and does a fabulous job at reaching beneath the top coat to get dander and fuzz. This is the best selling deshedding tool on Amazon with more than 9000 reviews. A lot of happy pet parents say this is the best brush they have ever owned. The stainless steel comb is gentle enough to use on a puppy. The patented Furrejector button makes it easy to get loose hair out and in the trash.

Grooming Tips for Husky Dog Parents

Allow Enough Time

One of the easiest mistakes to make when grooming a Husky is not allowing enough time to do the job in a manner that is comfortable and as pleasant as possible for both dog and owner. Dogs that have not been groomed a lot will require even more time. A young puppy may take as long as a lot of adult dogs because they don’t know how to act. Huskies are great dogs but they have a high maintenance coat at certain times of the year.

Start Young

If you get your Husky when they are a puppy it is very important to get them into good grooming habits when they are as young. Getting a full grown dog to cooperate with grooming when they have rarely ever had any type of attention in that area is challenging at best. Start with just getting them used to a soft brush when you are petting them. Too hard of a bristle can be too much for some dogs at first.

Use positive reinforcement techniques

Rewarding good behavior during grooming is an effective way to get dogs to not have a feeling of dread every time they see a dog brush in anyone’s hand. Offering compliments and soothing words are good but also make sure to give them something after the grooming is over like a walk at the local dog park, play time in the backyard, or a favorite snack.

Make Sure They Have a Proper Diet

Huskies are dogs that definitely benefit from a diet high in Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. Organic Alaska Salmon Oil is inexpensive and can be added to their regular Husky dog food to help them have better skin and coat which can make grooming a lot easier. Fish oil helps add a natural sheen and shine that is beautiful. Also, make sure to feed a kibble that has high levels of good fats and proteins. There are even some dog foods that add extra fish oil in or contain fish as a protein so Huskies get a lot of what is best for them at every meal.

Deciding on the Right Brush or Combination

Some Huskies are better about sitting still than others and some may even enjoy the scratching sensation a rake. If your dog is hard to groom then a mitt can help ease them into the idea. Rounded tipped rakes like the OCTCHOCO Pet Comb are most suitable for dogs with very sensitive skin. You know your dog better than anyone so try to consider their unique personality when choosing your brush.

If you are also looking for something to clean those pet hair in your home, check out these great choices of vacuums to clean pet hair.

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