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Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator Review

Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator Review
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A bit of potty training could work miracles, and my gorgeous puppy quickly learned to poop outside and left the urine spots (and smells) out there in the garden too. However, I was stuck with an unsightly urine stain and a smell that wouldn’t wash out of the side of my bed! Now what?

This was when I remembered a friend had suggested I give Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator a try. I was so impressed, and I simply had to write this review. 

For those who don’t know, Angry Orange is a cleaning and odor-removing solution that, like the name hints, comes in a bright orange bottle. Their motto of “smells like heaven, works like hell” is accurate, as long as you believe heaven smells like oranges. But after a few weeks of struggling with puppy stink, orange was definitely heaven to me. 

Should you use Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator in your home to help you clean up and eliminate unpleasant smells? Let’s find out. 

Using Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator

Cat and Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator

Using the concentrated formula is easy. Mix 4 tablespoons of the solution in a 32-ounce spray bottle, shake well and spray where needed. Wait for the area to dry, spray again if necessary. Dry well and ventilate appropriately before allowing pets or children back into the room. 

Precautions to its use may include wearing gloves and a mask when working with the odor eliminator, as well as disposing of spent containers in the right ways. Avoid the prolonged storage of the solution in machines, plastic buckets, and other containers, as the orange oil is quite corrosive. Some reviewers noted that they had to replace parts of their vacuum and carpet cleaner as the Angry Orange solution had corroded the tank. 

Sniffing out Angry Orange—Does It Pass My Dogo Bar?

One of the greatest assets and also its biggest negative critique is the VERY orange smell. Angry Orange doesn’t just smell like a freshly peeled orange on a summer’s day. It smells more like an entire juice factory where the orange gets pressed for every last ounce of the flavor. 

This is not a bad thing. I mean, the alternative is to sit with the poop and urine whiff in my bedroom for all eternity. The orange smell does grow fainter over time, and luckily, the previous odor that the biological spill caused doesn’t return. 

When I sprayed the stains in my bedroom, I was quite overwhelmed at first, but I left the bedroom windows open for a few hours, and by the time the smells had been eliminated, and the solution had dried, the orange smell was much less overpowering. 

What I can say is that the biological stink of puppy poop was mostly gone. I vacuumed it carefully once the solution was dry, then I sprayed some more, pegged my nose, and ran for some fresh air and a few games of fetch with the puppy. By the time dinner was ready, I had headed upstairs, and the last few whiffs of the odor were now truly gone. The orange scent was less noticeable, having faded to a nice citrusy flavor. 

This encouraged me, and I began to dive into the product details. This is what you can expect from Angry Orange:

Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator Overview

Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator Review

Angry Orange was initially designed as a product to use in the agricultural sector to help control bad odors in stables, stalls, feedlots, and poultry farms. If the makers could handle some pretty “poultry” smells, they realized they could handle pet odors too. This led to the creation of the funky orange-bottled stain-busting and odor-eliminating product that is well-loved by pet owners today. 

With any product, there are pros and cons. Deciding whether the pros outweigh the cons is going to be the final persuasion toward (or pull away from) the product. This is what I found when I tried out Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator:

Pros of Angry Orange Odor Eliminator

These were the strongest persuaders that made me really appreciate the power of the orange:

  • It’s tough on odors 
  • Made from natural products—cold-pressed orange oil from real oranges
  • 8 ounces concentrate makes 1 gallon of odor busting spray
  • It can be used for human odors in bathrooms too 
  • It can be used on multiple surfaces from fabric, carpet, and hard flooring to concrete and walls
  • Long-acting, but can be reapplied as needed
  • Convenient application

Cons of Angry Orange Odor Eliminator

I had a pretty successful experience with Angry Orange Odor Eliminator when I used it, but these are some of the comments that other consumers had found:

  • The scent is very strong and overpowering
  • Can trigger asthma and other respiratory conditions such as allergies
  • Not suitable for adding to vacuum cleaners, washing machines, or drains as it does clog these up since the product is oil-based
  • Ingredients list is not complete on the Angry Orange site
  • Does not remove the cause of the odor as it’s not intended as a stain remover 
  • Masks smell instead of removing it as there is no cleaning power (according to some reviewers)
  • Some of the ingredients can lead to pet sensitivities such as allergic reactions and chemical burns to their footpads
  • Might not be safe to use around dogs and cats
  • Using too much of the product can lead to staining of surfaces

Buyer’s Guide: Criteria for the Best Odor Eliminator Products

black dog on sofa

Choosing an odor-controlling or eliminating product for pet odors can be challenging. You want the stink gone, but your pet unharmed. You would like to clean the stain, but you don’t want to pay for an arm and a leg or sell your kidney to pay for a costly product, only to use half that product on the stain in one session. 

Knowing what you are looking for in your odor-eliminating product is the best way to ensure you hit the mark with the best possible product for your needs and budget. Consider these elements before you click “add to cart.”

Consideration One: Effectiveness

The odor eliminator you choose should be effective. This means you want it to work the first time, every time. Products requiring extensive reapplication can lead to additional expenses and increase the risk that the stain’s surface will be damaged. 

Angry Orange Odor Eliminator: Effective with one application for lingering stains. Use it with the stain remover to eliminate extensive stains and odors. 

Consideration Two: Scent

Urine has a potent smell that really sticks. Being able to remove that or at least cover the smell effectively means you need a powerful scent. Opting for a mild-smelling odor remover will only mean you need to reapply the product. 

Angry Orange Odor Eliminator: The powerful orange flavor effectively eliminates the odor as soon as it has had time to work on the stain. It also removes urine residue, further eliminating odors. 

Consideration Three: Pet Safety

You want the odor gone, not your pets. Choosing a product that is harmful to animals or causes them to get sick will end up costing you a lot of money and heartache. Be sure to choose an odor-removing product that is safe for animals and has been tested and proven not to do any harm to your pets. 

Angry Orange Odor Eliminator: While the natural chemicals in Angry Orange do cause sensitivity in animals, it only does so while the product is wet. Wait until the product has dried before allowing your pets in the house, and they should be perfectly fine. 

If you use the spray to treat doggy blankets or beds, then be sure to dry and air out these before letting your dogs use them again. With sensitive dog breeds, you may opt to launder the bedding and beds after you have sprayed them with Angry Orange.

Consideration Four: Environmental Safety

With so many chemical products on the market, it is best to ensure you use an environmentally friendly product. This means you can safely get rid of any excess product or throw the empty container away in the usual garbage disposal means. Convenience shouldn’t be detrimental to the environment. 

Angry Orange Odor Eliminator: Made from cold-pressed oranges, this product is made from mostly natural ingredients. While the whole ingredient list is not readily available, it is biodegradable, meaning it is safe. 

Consideration Five: Cost

An odor-eliminating product is something you would keep on hand for the occasional pet stink that may happen if your pet soils themselves, and having a spray bottle ready for foul wind-breaking is a great bonus, as long as the product isn’t really expensive. An effective, reasonably priced odor eliminating spray is a real blessing to a pet owner. 

Angry Orange Odor Eliminator: Available in a concentrated form, a mere 8-ounce bottle can mix up to a gallon of great smelling odor-busting joy. This makes Angry Orange really cost-effective too. If you spray daily, the cost is a mere $0.09 daily. 

Alternatives to Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator

Okay, if orange isn’t your thing, or if you simply can’t stand the smell, then you may want to try one of these five alternatives. 

Nature’s Miracle Dog Stain and Odor Remover

Nature's Miracle Dog Stain and Odor Remover

Nature’s Miracle is a great smelling product, and best of all, it combines the power of enzymes to clean stains, eliminating the odor at the source. If used appropriately, this is a safer option to use around cats and dogs.

Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain Odor Eliminator

Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain Odor Eliminator

With Rocco & Roxie, you are assured of stains and odors being eliminated at the source with an enzyme-based cleaner that also freshens as it works. It is highly rated for carpet cleaning and safety to surfaces. This product also comes with a money-back guarantee for peace of mind. 

Puracy Platinum Pet Stain and Odor Remover

Puracy Platinum Pet Stain and Odor Remover

Puracy offers 99.96% all-natural ingredients, making it the safest pet odor remover on the market. The spray formula gently cleans any residual stains, dissolving the organic matter that causes the stains and the stink. Clean and deodorize all stains with this powerful formula. 

BUBBAS Super Strength Commercial Enzyme Cleaner – Pet Odor Eliminator

BUBBAS Super Strength Commercial Enzyme Cleaner

This quirkily named cleaner and odor controller is an effective way to control smells and help remove smells and stains. Bubbas is tested to remain at optimal strength, no matter when the product was manufactured. This is great news as using up a gallon of cleaning solution in a month maybe a tall order. With Bubbas, you get the same strength of cleaner even after storing an opened bottle. 

Simple Solution Extreme Pet Stain and Odor Remover

Simple Solution Extreme Pet Stain and Odor Remover

A hugely popular odor remover is Simple Solution. What I really like about this product is that it is available in three sizes (from 32 ounces to 128 ounces, and a 128-ounce refill pack), and you can also choose between two scents: spring breeze and original. This odor remover and cleaner is safe to use on most surfaces and has been tested on carpets, hardwood floors, tiles, upholstery, and curtaining. 

Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator FAQs

Question: How Does Angry Orange Work?

Answer: Angry Orange is available in two lines of products, an odor remover, and a stain eliminator. The stain eliminator contains enzymes that clean up biological messes, while the odor eliminator has the power of cold-pressed orange oil that effectively reduces or removes odors. It is advised to first clean the stain before dealing with the odor as this prevents the odor from recurring.

Question: How to Apply Angry Orange?

Answer: Mix the spray as per instructions. Spray directly onto the affected areas. Allow to soak, then wipe the excess off with a lint-free cloth before allowing it to dry.

Question: Can Angry Orange be Used in Washing Machines?

Answer: While it’s not recommended to pour Angry Orange in with your regular detergent, you can spray the affected area of the stained item with Angry Orange, then launder as normal. This reduces the chance of your machine’s pipes and rubber seals being corroded by the citric acid that is present in Angry Orange. 

Question: Is Angry Orange Safe for Pets?

Answer: When applying Angry Orange, it is best to keep your pets out of the room. This is both due to the strong scent and to stop them from walking through the wet product with their paws. Once the solution is dry, it is safe for pets. Never let your pets play on a still-damp patch that has been treated with Angry Orange. 

Question: Does Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator Act as a Cleaner Too?

Answer: Yes, since the main ingredient of Angry Orange is cold-pressed orange oil from real orange peels, you can use it as a cleaner too. Orange extract is a natural cleaning solution that has been used for many years. 

Question: Can Angry Orange be Used to Clean Plants that Have Been Sprayed by Cats?

Answer: Yes, Angry Orange is a natural cleaning and deodorizing agent, and it can be applied on or around plants. For plants that have been soiled by cats or dog urine, rinse the plant, scrape off the top layer of soil where most of the stain will be, then spray with a solution of Angry Orange Odor Eliminator mixed as per instructions. For sensitive plants, mix at half strength. Allow to dry outdoors before returning the plant to your home. 

The Orange Verdict

Would I recommend Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator to people? Yes, I definitely would. The formula is powerful; the result is swift and long-lasting. 

To me, the pros outweigh the cons. If you have ever had a serious stain and stink that just won’t go away, then you know that desperate times call for desperate measures. Angry Orange is a rather drastic solution to follow. The scent is powerful, and you may have to vacate the room (or floor) where the stain is being cleaned, but at the end of the day, you will not regret the powerful and cleaning scent of Orange power. 

Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator does what it promises, as long as the cause of the stain has been removed. The cleaning power of the orange formula removes residual stains, but for deeper stains, it may be required to opt for an enzyme-based cleaner like the ANGRY ORANGE Enzyme Cleaner & Pet Stain Remover Spray

The bonus of using a product like Angry Orange is that the strong citrus smell really removes and reduces any ammonia traces that may linger in the stain, which will persuade your pets not to remark or potty on the same spot. While I had successfully trained my Labrador puppy in a few days, it was great peace of mind to know that she wouldn’t go to the same spots to urinate during the night. 

Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator gets a firm 4.5/5 stars in my book. I’ve deducted half a star simply because of the challenge of keeping pets off the wet solution to prevent allergic reactions. Overall, this is a powerful and effective product and well worth the cost. 

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