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31 Great Female Dog Names (Fun Ideas!)

31 Great Female Dog Names (Fun Ideas!)

Welcoming a new puppy or dog into your home can be one of the most exciting and positive experiences your family shares, and the first days with your new canine companion come with many responsibilities, one of the most enjoyable being the chance to give her a name.

There are several considerations to keep in mind when choosing the best name for your pooch. For example, if you adopted your new furry friend, she likely already has a name, which you may or may not opt to change. You also want to consider any other pets that share your home, to be sure their names don’t sound too similar, a situation that could cause confusion.

Thinking up your own name, whether inspired by pop culture, your favorite activities, or your dog’s personality, can be a lot of fun and allow for creativity and uniqueness. Regardless of the name you choose, it will impact the way others perceive your dog throughout her life, and so is an important step in her initiation into your family. Our top-five favorites for cool female dog names include Luna, Ladybird, Finch, Rosie, and Honey, but there are fifteen other fun choices below.

Getting a new puppy or adopting an adult dog is a big deal and really exciting. Choosing a name is an important step that will involve your whole family and have a big impact on how your dog is perceived by others for their entire life. Scout has some tips for naming your lovely female dog and some suggestions on popular dog names that could very well be your dogs best name choice!

Tips for Naming Your Dog

Consider not Renaming and Adopted or Older Dog

If a dog is really used to their name it can be hard to change it. If you do decide that you want to change an adult dog’s name then it can be helpful and much easier transition for the dog if you choose something that is close their current name. Here is an example, if you get a 1-year-old dog that is used to coming to the name Cindy then Sadie could work well or Luke instead of Duke if you are talking about a male dog. You get the idea though. Try to only change to something that sounds similar.

If you change the pooches name too much then you are going to have to be a lot more patient when issuing commands. While choosing puppy names is a lot of fun, consider how challenging it would be for a dog used to its commands. Eventually, they will get it but the older the dog the harder it might be. How would you feel if your first name got changed suddenly?

Consider the Breed

Your pet names may vary depending on the breed. For example, when considering female puppy names for your beagle, you may think of something very different than you would for a german shepherd. Your golden retriever names might be different than another type of hunting dog. Whether you’re looking for a name for your female Belgian Malinois or a female Weimaraner, consider the meaning behind it and you’ll find the perfect name.

Stick to One or Two Syllable Names to Avoid Confusion and Make it Easy to Remember

Longer and more complicated names are hard to remember or understand so dog owners should try to keep it to two syllables if you can.

Avoid Names that Sound too Much Like Commands

Dogs recognize certain words and sounds when trained. If your dog’s name is too close to a command word then they may not quite know what to do at times. Naming a dog Top may sound cute but every time you say “Stop” there is a good chance they will mistake what you are saying for their name and just continue doing what they were in the first place.

Use Your New Dog’s Name in a Positive Way

If you are just saying your dog’s name when they are getting into trouble then this is a sure fire way to make them think the word means something bad rather than good. Dog owners should try to use their name only in a positive context whenever you can.

Don’t use Names too Close to that of Anyone you are Around a Lot

If a name of a family member or friend that is around a lot is very similar to that of your dog then it can be confusing for your pooch. When you say your friend or family members name then it may take your dog some time to realize that you are not talking to them. On the other side of it, you want to be sure that when you say something to a family member that they don’t assume you are talking to the dog. All in all, similar puppy dog names cause confusion.

Think Before Naming your Dog Something too Off the Wall

Are you going to regret naming your dog a year down the road? Make sure that you are thinking about your dog’s name the right way. What type of impression do you want them to have on others? A Chihuahua named Killer might seem really funny and have the effect of making others laugh and have a positive impression whereas a large Mastiff named the same thing might be a lot more scary than they would be with another name.

Also, remember that names that are too similar to something else are probably going to get mispronounced or mistaken entirely for another word. Too crude of a name is also not an idea. Sure you love your child but you probably shouldn’t let them name the family dog Sir Fartsalot or anything like that.

31 Cool Female Dog Names


For a super short and girly name, this very popular on all the dog name charts out there. It is really close to Miss so a natural for kids to remember.


A hip and cute name is exactly what Stella is. Scout thinks this is a wonderful name for any female dog that is sweet and super fabulous.


This name became popular thanks to the popular kid’s movie “Finding Dory.” It is an adorable name that is ideal for a dog that is spunky.


Another name that has been around for awhile but seen a resurgence in popularity due to the movie “ A Bug’s Life. “ A good name for a free spirited and energetic female dog. Also good for a dog that likes to roam around a bit to make new friends.


A simple yet girly name that any dog can sport but I picture a dog like a Yorkie having this name and being a very energetic pooch.


Not only has this been a popular name in many books, it also means beautiful which is a great thing to think about when you see your dog. It is also short enough for people to remember easily. Scout thinks this is a great name for small and large breeds.


Beauty and the Beast made this a popular name and your pooch will be the Belle of the ball with an adorable name that reminds one of beauty and charm.


This is a popular name for AKC registered dogs. It has a sweet sound to it and if you don’t mind your girl having the same name as a liquor then it is definitely a cute name to consider for any size dog. At the same time, Brandy would be an adorable name for a Golden Retriever or Lab.


This fantasy sounding name is easy for kids to remember and it is not overly complicated. If you are looking for a name with an ethereal feel to it than you have it with Misty.


Gemstone names are often too long to be a good dog name but Ruby is one of the rare ones. You can combine Ruby with other names for a fun two part name if you want but most of the time these names just all get shortened to Ruby anyway.


This super cute name sounds old-fashioned and if you were a fan of Heart of Dixie the show then this name may be a lot of fun for you. This is a cute name for a small or toy breed. A poodle named Dixie, for example, would be hard to resist.


You see more and more pop culture references to girls named Harley. On the popular cartoon show Bob’s Burgers one of Louise’s friends is named Harley and then there is the popular Harley Quinn from the Batman comics and movies. Harley is one of the more popular names because of Harley Davidson motorcycles as well. Either way, you put it this is a popular and cute name for any dog but a big and silly dog named Harley does seem like a good choice.


What is sweeter than a peach? This fruit based name is ideal for a little dog and maybe even one that is a little bit orange in color with some white patches! Also when others meet your dog, who doesn’t love peaches?


Any black and white girl dog would do well to have a name like Panda. After all, pandas are super cute. This is a name that is easy to remember and sticks to the rule of two syllables without sounding like any commands.


Any dog that has patches on their lower legs would make a great Socks. This is a fun name for a dog that is supposed to be a family or kid dog. Boots is alternative to this as well. Socks and Boots are both great female and male dog names.


If your dog is a breed that likes a good bark session then this is the name for you. It is one that can definitely be used for female or male dog names. It sounds sophisticated but it is also pretty silly and will be sure to make others around you smile.


Short and simple and perfect for a brown dog or a little fluffy dog like a Pomeranian that doesn’t want to get their feet dirty. Either way, this name is easy to remember, and it ranks high in popularity.


This will always be a cute dog name because who doesn’t love Lucy? From the popular I Love Lucy show to Lucy in the Peanuts cartoons, this is a name that is here to stay.


This moon based name is mentioned in the popular Harry Potter books and movies and is a very feminine and fun name for a dog. This is not a name that is only suitable for little or big dogs.


There are a lot of songs with this name in it and it is definitely a big old fashioned. It remains one of the more popular names for female dogs in the country.


This is really close to Darla but not quite and it is a good alternative to just calling a dog Star. This is a name that you can expect to see more female dogs having in the future.


This is one of those silly girl dog names that kids can remember easily and it will make them smile. It is an especially accurate name for dogs that have a splotch of color at the tip of their tales or a spot on the tip of the nose.


Another classic name that is a symbol of beauty. This is one of the more popular names on the list. Any sweet female dog can make a great Rosie. For a shorter version, there is always Rose.


This name has been a popular choice for female dogs for a long time. In fact, some people may not even think of the classic children’s novel that made this name have a surge in popularity in various parts of the world.


If you have a sandy or brownish girl then Amber is a name that is more than suitable for them. This is a pretty name that is also one that people can have so it doesn’t sound too far out there for those that prefer traditional names instead of cutesy sounding names that no one would have in the human world.


This name just sounds sassy and fun. If you have a girl with a lot of energy and style then Roxy is going to be the name for your dog. This name screams style and energy.


Okay if you are not a “King Of The Hill” fan then you won’t get this name but it is still really cute. A Bassett Hound or a Bloodhound with this name would be great!


This is the sweetest name out there and good and easy to remember.


Naming your dog after a bird is something to consider. The Robin is chirpy so a playful and little bit yappy small dog would be an excellent Robin.


A yellow dog would make a great Finch and it is one of the more unique names that will make it easy to remember your dog’s name at the vet or dog park.


Another classic girl name that is a reasonable and friendly sounding choice for a female dog. It can also be short for Cleopatra Queen Of The Barks!

Flower Names

There are a ton of flower names that make good female dog names. Rose has been mentioned but then there is Lily, Daisy, Tansy, Daffy (short for daffodil), Tulip, Poppy, and more. Get out a book on flowers and see what you can find! With as many flowers as there are out there, you may be able to find a very unique and lovely name for your dog.

Thinking Up Your Own

Perhaps you don’t want a name that is the most popular but rather something very unique to your pooch. Here are some tips for finding or thinking of unique names.

Don’t Name a Puppy or Dog Before you Have Spent a few Days With Them

A lot of the best dog names come from when a pet parent is exposed to the unique personality and charm of their pet. This means playing with your dog and seeing how they act for a few days. You may see something and be like “that is the name for my baby girl!”

Think About your Favorite Things

Word association is a powerful thing. Think about some of your own favorite things that you like, write a list, and play with words that are associated with them. One of the words may be a fabulous dog name or may at least lead you to another word that is.

Let your Family and Friends Help

You can always take a list of suggestions from friends and family to discover some unique dog names. People love to name dogs and you will get a lot of different suggestions that can be very helpful when you are making this important decision.

Pick out 5-10 Names That you or Your Family Likes and then Randomly Draw one

This can be a fun way to involve everyone and allow for an impartial decision. Write unique dog names on individual pieces of paper, fold, put in a container and mix them up and draw out your new family members name.

Don’t Pick Something too Close to Another Pet’s Name

Although it may sound cute to name two dogs similar names, it can be very confusing for them overall. Dixie and Doxy, for example, are two names that will make it take longer for some dog’s to respond. The confusion can be a bit much, so think about just how similar names sound.

Look for Inspiration Elsewhere

Think of the different ways you can find a name for your pet. Looking through a book of baby names can yield excellent results. You can even make your choice very specific, and choose an Irish baby name for your Irish Setter.

If you’re interested in unusual dog names, look through a dictionary and consider a unique vocabulary word meaning. Consider a Buddhist-inspired name for your zen dog or funny names for your pup who doubles as the family comedian.

Use a dog name generator to find more popular dog names.

Taking Your Time

If you have a puppy you have a little time to name them. Just try to get a name for them within a month of getting them if they are 6-8 weeks old when they come into your life. There is always the urge to name quickly but if you are not so sure then there is no harm in taking a little time and discussing it with others in your household.

If you have a male dog, check out these cool names for your male dog.

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