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Cute Dog-Themed Valentine’s Day Cards That Will Melt Your Heart

Cute Dog-Themed Valentine’s Day Cards That Will Melt Your Heart

For dog parents, Valentine’s Day never goes without the appreciation of their best friend.  For single dog owners, a furry baby is the center of their universe. And for those dog parents with human children, their pooch is one more kid added to the bunch. Whatever family status we may be in, the love we have for our dog is unequivocal and unconditional just like the love he/she gives us.

During Valentine’s Day,  dog parents celebrate their love furry loved ones.  Without dogs, the world would be such a sad place. Dog parents all share the same sentiment: The smiles, waggy tails, and jumps of happiness we receive from our canines is priceless. This is why as dog parents we celebrate Valentine’s Day with our pooches too.

In addition to our own furry babies, there is nothing that melt’s your heart faster than an adorable and cute doggie card. The droopy eyes, puffy or flabby cheeks, and pearled button nose are signals to our brain of cuteness overload. In celebration of ours dog’s love, here are a few cards you can give a dog parent on Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day card collage

Cards For Anyone

These cards have different dog expressions and are adorable. From droopy, happy or mischevious, you’ll find charming Valentine’s Day cards you can email a friend, print, and snail-mail it, or shop for paper cards sold from the American Greetings online stores.
Happy Heart Day

This ecard from American Greetings is ADORABLE!

The vibrant red card opens with a cute little dog singing, “Happy Heart Day”.  He wags his little tail and smiles outside a heart-shaped window. Make your dog parent friend smile and watch them go, “Aw!”

Happy Heart Day


Know What?

This cute “Know What?”Valentine’s Day card is printable. The cute droopy eyes, slanted smile and the heart-shaped nose are darling!  Inside, the card you’ll see, “You’re great! Happy Valentine’s Day”.

Know What?

Hallmark’s online store has a very nice collection of doggie Valentine’s Day cards. You can choose to have your card mailed to you or you may pick it up at the store of your choice. One of the nicest features of buying the card online is the ability to upload a photo to your card. Make your card intimate by adding a little bit of yourself in the message.

You Are Loved Cupid Pug Dog

You don’t have to be a pug parent to love this charming little pug card. The cute little tongue sticking out and tilted head will bring a smile to your face.  The message inside the card says, “Just a little reminder that you are loved!”

You Are Loved Cupid Pug

Doggone Sweet 550-Piece Puzzle

This card is more than a one-day holiday reminder.  The Doggone Sweet is a 550-piece puzzle that reminds you of the things you and your furry one experience together. This puzzle celebrates the walks, trips, and adventures you share with your pooch.

Doggone Sweet 550 Piece Puzzle

Etsy has a plethora of gorgeous cards handcrafted by diverse artists. If you add “dog Valentine’s day card” in the search engine, you’ll be introduced to all the designers who created them.

I Wuff You!

LilacsAndCharcoal’s collection, “I Wuff You!” Doggie Valentines will make you smile.  Pick the breed of dog for you loved one or friend. Each card has their own unique message printed in the front of the card next to the image of a canine.

I Wuff You

Puppy Dog Valentine Card

These Puppy Dog cards are ready for instant download. Each card is 3.5 x 4.5 inches in size and fits A1 size envelopes. The printable file comes in a PDF format with 4 cards per page. And the best part is there is no limitation on how many cards you can print! Surprise all your friends who are dog parents and bring joy to their lives.

Puppy Love Valentine

Mom and Dad Valentine

When you are single, getting a Valentine’s Day card from your pooch means the world. Yes, we all know they don’t send it, but the sentiment shared by your friends or loved ones is priceless. And for couples or families with canines, that Valentine’s Day card snuck in with one of your human kids adds sentiment to the special day.

Whether you are sending a friend or loved one a card from your pooch, Valentine’s Day cards that come from your furry one will always brighten up your day.

This beautiful tri-fold handmade card comes in vibrant brown and red colors and is made of kraft cardstock. The cute little pooch waiting outside his house lines above the words, “You’re my favorite”.  The PaperTreasuresShoppe is found on Etsy.

You and Me Love Card

Daddy Valentine


Dad doggie parents will love the attention they get with a Valentine’s Day card from their furry child. This handmade card from Hoobynoo has a cute illustration of a little brown Winnie dog. The affectionate message below will melt the heart of his male human protector.  Check out the entire Etsy collection and make your husband or loved one happy.

Mommy Valentine

Puppy Love

The smiles of both girl and dog are heart melting. This folded handmade note card comes with red and pink colors. The image of a young girl hugging her dog alludes to the words “Puppy Love” written above. Any dog mom will treasure this reproduction of a hand-drawn card and painted with color pencils by artist, Rachel Fia.

The 4.25 x 5.5-inch note card is blank inside so you can add an additional private message. Made out of acid-free cardstock, the card is printed on a Hi-Definition 6 color ink printer; All cards come with a white envelope.

Friend Valentine

Peanuts Happiness and Love Valentine's DayYou can’t have Valentines Day without getting a card from Snoopy and Woodstock.  Peanuts have long been the forerunner of holiday greeting cards.

These Peanuts Happiness and Love Valentines’ Day cards are sold at Hallmark comes in a pack of 6 and makes a great gift for a dog lover friend.

Do It Yourself Doggie Valentine’s Day Cards

Perhaps the best way to find a doggie Valentine’s Day card is to make one. For creative fun ideas, here are a couple of sites that will get your mind working.


I Woof You DIY card

This DIY video will show you how to make cute, and lovable dog cards that will get you hooked for more.

Whether you want to buy, email or learn how to make a Doggie Valentine’s Day card, all dog lovers share the same predilection you do. We love dogs and the love they stand for.  So, pick a direction that best fits you to get a dog Valentine’s Day card.  You’ll find that spreading the love you have for your dog is rewarding.

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