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What is Holistic Dog Food?

What is Holistic Dog Food?

Dogs, like humans, have a tendency to become allergic to certain foods.  Some dogs develop rashes, stomach sensitivity, and distaste to their favorite kibble or wet food. When this happens, your furry one may develop a serious gastro intestinal disease.

However, there is no need to stress. Holistic foods offer a higher balanced diet with rich, tastier flavors so your canine can still enjoy his/her favorite flavored grub.

What Is Holistic Dog Food?

According to Canine Journal, holistic dog foods are foods contain well-balanced nutrition. These foods are specifically made to provide a function for a dog’s digestive health. Some holistic foods provide high levels of fatty acids while others are conducive to digestible proteins.

Moreover, holistic foods made for dogs vary in content because they cater to each dog’s unique nutritional needs.  Holistic dog food is equivalent to fine dining. This means that holistic dog food, unlike lower quality kibbles, do not contain mold or insects, ingredients humans would not eat themselves. These high-quality foods are placed on the highest quality control, which means they also have a very low risk of being recalled.

What Ingredients are Considered Holistic?

All holistic foods for dogs share one important commonality: the nutrients. Although each brand may contain diverse ingredients, the nutrients found in these foods are all the same. According to PetHelpful, the following nutrients can be found on all holistic dog foods:

  • Quality protein found in fish, chicken, pork, etc.
  • Wholesome grains that produce energy.
  • Digestive enzymes assist in the breaking down of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.
  • Natural fiber helps food move along the digestive system to keep your little one regular.
  • Vitamins and minerals fortify your little one’s bones, heart, and other organs.
  • Antioxidants maintain the immune system sturdy; assists in the prevention of cancer, diabetes, and other diseases.

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The Benefits of Holistic Dog Food

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), “A healthy diet, with the right combination of nutrients and rich in protein, is a major contributor to overall health.”

Adjustments to your little one’s diet will prevent or reduce the allergens they may have with food. With holistic foods, veterinarians and pet owners have noticed a huge difference with their dog’s health.

Those canines suffering from allergies attributed to the ingredients found in commercial food, recovered from digestive issues.  Veterinarians noticed that the digestive issues related to their canine’s regular low quality grade foods disappeared. In addition, veterinarians found that holistic foods have proven to decrease anxiety and stress.

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According to Canine Journal, feeding holistic foods to your canine will provide the following benefits for your furry friend:

Shiner and Healthy Coat

Healthy shiny coats reduce shedding. Fish oil, in particular, helps with the overall health of a dog’s coat.

Improved Skin Health

Just like in humans, oils that exist in better-balanced foods hydrate the skin. As a result, a dog who eats holistic or raw foods will have smoother and softer skin. Their dry and flaky skin will disappear. Fish oil and vitamin E are the main ingredients for healthy skin.

Healthier, Sharp Eyes

Antioxidant-rich ingredients found in holistic dog foods will keep your dog’s eyes sharper and healthier. For aging dogs, holistic foods will provide reinforcement for their eye health. Holistic food will also minimize eye issues such as double sight and or partial blindness.

Healthier, Strong Heart

Leaner, high-quality proteins reduce weight-related issues. Dogs, like humans, become overweight and that in turn causes fat related issues to the body. Eating leaner proteins will make your dog’s heart stronger and healthier.

Superior Intestinal Health

Most holistic foods contain probiotics. Probiotics enable healthy bacteria in the body to live in a dog’s intestines. Probiotics in dogs and in humans assists in healthy digestion. Diarrhea, upset stomach, or belly trouble associated with commercial, low grade foods can be minimized by feeding your canine holistic foods.

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Holistic Foods are Costly

As with anything that is good for you, such as healthcare, medicine, and organic foods, holistic foods are very expensive.

On one hand, you know it’s a great road to recovery for your pooch. On the other hand, it’s expensive to keep up with. If you are on a restricted income, it’s close to impossible to feed your dog holistic foods.

If you are not on a financial budget, then holistic foods are a great way to go.  You can usually find discounts online with Amazon. There are also dog stores that sell fresh food for canines only.  I’ve been to some of these stores and I’m sure humans can eat their holistic food too (well, perhaps during natural disasters).

Just Food For Dogs and Healthy Pet Kitchen/Gourmet Pet Food are two of the highest rated holistic dog stores in California.

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Holistic foods sound like a great idea. However, before you suddenly change your dog’s diet, make sure you consult your vet. You need to make sure that your pooch is not allergic to some of the real ingredients. For example, some dogs are allergic to particular foods such as poultry. Feeding them chicken or duck will cause an adverse reaction that will cause your dog to have hives, diarrhea and throw up.

My little Harley became allergic to chicken after she turned 12. She always ate cooked chicken breast. Then, one day she began to get diarrhea, vomit, and could not keep it down.

Being proactive is not only changing your pooch’s diet but consulting with your vet first. This will guarantee a healthy transition to your little one’s diet and new way of life.

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