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Best Outdoor Dog Houses

Best Outdoor Dog Houses

Dogs enjoy time outside. By nature, their instinct is to find shelter in caves. It’s where they feel safe and comfortable. That’s why a dog house is a great idea. This is also why a dog crate makes sense. It gives them somewhere cozy and safe to escape to. We recommend adding a bed for extra comfort. Also, if they’re out in the elements, some shelters provide warmth. If it’s a sunny day, it’s a place to cool down. We’ll mention great add-ons as well. For example, a heater mat added warmth. Or, an electronic door to give your pooch more freedom!

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An insulated option is great for police canines that sleep outside. We only want the best for your canine companion and know you do too. Sled dogs are also going to need outdoor accommodations. They’re just like you when you get home from work. When your working pup is off-duty, they’ll want comfort. We’ve reviewed a bunch of the best for your canine friend.

5 Top Rated Outdoor Dog Houses Table

RecommendationOutdoor Dog House
Top ChoiceNo products found.
Runner UpNo products found.
Budget ChoiceNo products found.
Best Insulated ChoiceNo products found.
Best Luxury ChoiceNo products found.

Our Top Pick: Petmate Indigo

Many pet owners like the igloo design of this dog house. The angled tunnel opening provides protection. Therefore, Rover will be safe from the rain, wind, and sun. However, this slightly smaller opening doesn’t accommodate all large dogs. Therefore, it’s not the best choice for your great Dane. Although, the design also keeps heat trapped inside.

Thus, it provides shelter from the cold air. The vent on top has a microban coating. This provides airflow and protection from bacteria. Now, your wet, smelly pooch won’t leave his scent lingering. The raised floor has a resin construction. This will keep your pet warm and dry. Coming in two parts, assembly is quite simple. Also, this makes it easy to take apart and clean. It’s lightweight enough for one person to carry. It comes in 3 sizes, suitable for breeds 25-125 pounds.


  • Medium: 37.5 x 30.5 x 22.8 inches for breeds 25-50 lbs
  • Large: 43.8 x 34 x 25.8 inches for breeds 50-90 lbs
  • Extra Large: 51.5 x 39.3 x 30 inches for breeds 90-125 lbs


  • Protection from the weather
  • Microban vent for air flow
  • Raised floor
  • Little to no assembly
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight


  • Pets can chew plastic
  • Smaller opening not suitable for all large breeds

Our Runner-Up Choice: Arf Frame

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This product is weather-proof. Therefore, the wood won’t rot in the rain. The inner roof has added weather lining. It’s made with high-quality white cedar. Uniquely, cedar is a natural insect repellent. Thus, your pet will be safe from mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks.

The smell of cedar is strong. Some people like this while others don’t. However, it will fade over time. Also, note that the wood is non-toxic. It has a raised floor for added insulation. Wood is more breathable than plastic. Therefore, it provides proper airflow for the summer. It’s lightweight and easy to set up. Just make sure you read the directions thoroughly. It comes in 4 sizes, accommodating breeds 15-80 pounds.


Extra Small:
  • External: 22.25W x 22D x 22.75H inches
  • Internal: 17W x 16D x 17H inches
  • Door Opening: 7.75W x 10.25H inches
  • For breeds up to 15 lbs
  • External: 27.25W x 20.75D x 29H inches
  • Internal: 20W x 15.25D x 23H inches
  • Door Opening: 8.25W x 13H inches
  • For breeds up to 30 lb
  • External: 33.25W x 27.5D x 32H inches
  • Internal: 24.5W x 20D x 26.5H inches
  • Door Opening: 9.75W x 15.25H inches
  • For breeds up to 50 Lbs
  • External: 32.25W x 46D x 36H inches
  • Door Opening: 11.75W x 18H inches
  • For breeds up to 80 Lbs


  • Weather-proof with lined roof
  • Made of high-quality breathable wood
  • Cedar repels insects
  • Raised floor for insulation
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Setup


  • Strong smell upon arrival
  • Not suitable for all large breeds

Best Budget Choice: Aspen Pet Barn 3

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This doghouse is made of durable plastic. Rear ventilation allows airflow and keeps your pet comfortable. An extended roof rim prevents rain and snow from entering. Additionally, the raised floor provides added insulation. Set-up is very simple, involving quick snap latches. Therefore, it requires no tools. Additionally, this makes it easy to take apart and clean. It’s available in 4 sizes, suitable for breeds 15-90 pounds.


  • Extra Small: 26.5 X 18 X 16.5 inches for breeds up to 15 lbs
  • Small: 29 X 22 X 21 inches for breeds 15-25 lbs
  • Medium: 32 X 26 X 24 inches for breeds 25-50 lbs
  • Large: 38 X 29 X 30 inches for breeds 50-90 lbs


  • Budget friendly
  • Durable plastic
  • Ventilated
  • Raised floor
  • Little to no assembly
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight


  • Not suitable for all large breeds

Best Insulated Dog House: ASL Solutions Dog Palace

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In cold temperatures, your dog will want somewhere to warm up. This “palace” provides shelter and insulated warmth. 2-4” of foam line the walls. Similarly, the door is self-closing, instead of a flap. It swings both ways, inside and out. It’s easy to pass through and keeps heat trapped inside. Also, the floor is raised for added insulation.

The floor is sloped with a drain hole. Hence, it’s easy to clean. Additionally, there’s a port on the backside. Thus, you can string a heater pad through for added warmth. These are perfect to put under their bed. Moreover, ASL has a lifetime warranty. Now, if your shelter cracks or breaks it can be replaced.


  • 38.5H x 31.5W x 47.5L inches


  • All-weather-proof
  • Foam insulated for warmth
  • Easy to clean
  • Port to add heater
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not good for clausterphobic pups
  • Not suitable for all large breeds

Best Luxury Dog House: House & Paws Country Charm Pet House

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This handcrafted option is made with solid, durable wood. The asphalt roof provides weather protection. It is ventilated for airflow. It includes two stainless steel food and water bowls. Additionally, it comes with a storage section. Now, you can store food, treats, and toys outside. The lookout area appears to be decorative.

Although, it could fit small pups should they jump up. The larger dimensions make it suitable for most large breeds. Since it’s untreated, it’s not weather-proof. Therefore, you’d need to stain it yourself. It is a pricier choice. However, this pet house won us over with charm. The handcrafted design would be a great addition to your lawn.


  • 59 x 54 x 38 inches


  • Handcrafted design
  • Weather protected asphalt roof
  • Ventilated
  • Storage section
  • Stainless steel food and water bowls


  • Floor not raised
  • Pricey
  • Untreated wood not weather-proof

Buyer’s Guide

There is plenty of controversy around keeping your canine outside for too long. We’ve addressed this and answered all your questions. Additionally, we’ll tell you what to look for while you’re shopping. Size, material, ventilation, and insulation all matter. Also, a raised floor is good to have. We’ll tell you why! If you’re still not sure a dog house is for you, we can clear that up for you too.

Who Should Buy

Your pet spends time in the yard

If your pet is fond of the outdoors, they’ll appreciate a shelter. This way, they can escape the sun or warm up a bit. And you won’t have to let them in and out while they do it. Many pet owners struggle with the indecision of their pets. Do you want in or out?! Adding things like a dog shelter or kennel can help.

Your pet whines at night or is a loud sleeper

Some people keep their pets outside at night. This is okay as long as they have adequate warmth in the cold. Try an insulated dog house and/or heater pad. If your pooch snores or wakes you up in the night, this is an option. However, if they’re not sealed in there, they’re vulnerable. A kennel will protect them from prey. You could also consider simply putting a crate somewhere you won’t be disturbed.

You have a working dog

Police canines and sled dogs often sleep outside. They should have an outdoor shelter. This is somewhere they can relax and feel cozy. Just like you’d want somewhere warm and comfortable after work, your dogs do too.

What To Look For


Generally, pups prefer spaces just large enough to lay down. This gives the space a cozy feel and can soothe anxiety. They should be able to turn around to get comfortable. You’ll want a space slightly larger than your pet’s body. Outdoor shelters are usually sized by your dog’s weight. The dimensions mostly refer to the entire shelter.

Therefore, the measurements won’t always tell you about the door. If your pet is tall, choose an extra large option. If nothing looks suitable, an outdoor kennel is another option. You can also put a crate outside. You can add a crate cover to create the den-like feeling. Please note that this does not provide warmth in the winter.


You’ll find both wood and plastic when shelter shopping. Wood breathes better and doesn’t trap heat like plastic. If you live somewhere hot, wood is better for ventilation. However, most shelters are ventilated for air flow. Unless the wood is treated, they’re not as weather-proof.

Durable plastic dog houses are better against harsh weather. Some wood shelters are made of cedar. These will have a strong smell. Some find this comforting; some are put off by it. Either way, it will fade in intensity over time. Uniquely, this smell wards off insects. This provides a bonus of mosquito, flea, and tick protection.

Raised Floor

Many shelters will have a raised floor. This helps keep your dog warm and dry. Getting them off the cold ground helps insulate the space. Additionally, any water that gets in can drain down.


Proper airflow is critical to keep your dog comfortable. You don’t want to trap your furry friend where he can’t breathe. In the summer, he’ll use his shelter to get out of the hot sun. However, this won’t help if it’s too stuffy inside. Look for air flow vents that help keep your pet cool. If you’re getting a plastic shelter, this is very important. Plastic traps heat. Your dog probably will not use the shelter in summer months if it’s not ventilated properly.


This keeps your dog warmer in cold weather. Some shelters will have features that help with insulation. This includes an angled entrance, a raised floor, or a door flap. However, we’ve reviewed an actual foam insulated shelter. This provides maximum warmth for colder temperatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will it keep my pooch warm?

A: Not unless it’s thoroughly insulated. Even then, a heater is a good addition. Use common sense. If it’s freezing out, don’t depend on a raised floor for warmth.

Q: Will it keep my dog safe from the weather?

A: Not necessarily. If it’s a light drizzle, an open-faced shelter will do. If it’s pouring and windy, they’d need a sealable door. The ASL Solutions Palace would provide protection in this case.

Q: Will the shelter be okay in the rain?

A: It depends on the material. Wood treated for weather will be fine. Ultimately, plastic is the most weather-proof.

Q: How long can I leave my dog outside?

A: This is a debated topic. First, always leave food and water out for prolonged periods. Essentially, it depends on the breed. A husky will love staying outside in the snow. However, a chihuahua will be shivering and miserable. Size, coat, and what they’ve been bred to play a role. Additionally, it’s about what your dog is used to. For more information, read this article.

Other Outdoor Dog Houses We Reviewed

  • Extra Large Dog Houses
  • Double Decker Dog Houses

Extra Large Dog Houses

TRIXIE Pet Products Dog Clubhouse

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If you have a larger dog, he probably won’t fit in your average dog house. This solid pine shelter is coated in a waterproof sealer. Therefore, the wood won’t rot. The flat, composite shingle roof is hinged. Thus, it’s easy to clean and provides ventilation. Additionally, the floor is removable for added cleaning convenience.

The floor is raised, and the plastic tipped feet are adjustable. In effect, you can level it on uneven ground. It’s suitable for dogs up to 95 pounds. It comes in four sizes should you decide to go smaller. It’s compatible with TRIXIE plastic dog doors. These are sold separately. Assembly is quick and easy.


  • Medium: 22.75H x 33.25W x 23.5D inches
  • Large: 28.25H x 40.75W x 26.75D inches
  • Extra Large: 32.25H x 45.5W x 31D inches


  • Fits most large breeds
  • Waterproof coated wood
  • Hinged roof and removable floor for easy cleaning
  • Raised floor
  • Adjustable feet
  • Easy assembly
  • Compatible with dog door


  • Doesn’t protect pooch from weather

Merry Pets Extra Large Solid Wood Dog Houses

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This duplex is made for two dogs. It’s the largest shelter we’ve reviewed. It could easily fit two large dogs. Alternatively, it could fit an extra large pooch and some smaller pups. There’s an optional divider in the middle to form two separate rooms. You can remove this to create a more communal feel.

It will depend on how much your dogs love spending time with each other. As the owner, you’re the best judge on whether or not they need their own space. Also, the roof and floor panels are removable. This makes it much more simple to clean. Unfortunately, it’s not ventilated or waterproof. However, this allows you to stain it yourself.


  • External: 73W x 39D x 42H inches
  • Internal: (on each side): 30W x 30D x 40H inches
  • Door Opening: (on each side): 18W x 24H inches


  • Fits two large dogs
  • Optional divider
  • Removable parts for easy cleaning


  • Doesn’t protect pooch from weather
  • Structure itself isn’t waterproof
  • No ventilation

Double Decker Dog House

Merry Pet Wood Room With a View Pet House

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This is a room with a view. It’s made with kiln dried cedar with a natural stain. The balcony provides a spot for your pup to get sun. However, the stairs are steep. This causes some dogs to ignore this feature. Some pet parents have opted for replacing them. Namely, Solvit pupSTEPS seem to fit perfectly. The lattice-work is a nice touch giving this a luxury look. The raised floor keeps your furry friend warm and dry. The removable roof makes for easy cleaning. It’s lightweight and easy to assemble. This fortrice is designed for small dogs.


  • Exterior: 28.5 x 21.8 x 24.5 inches
  • Interior: 17.3 x 17.3 x 15.4 inches
  • Door: 9.3 x 11.3 inches


  • Balcony for sun-bathing
  • Luxury lattice
  • Raised floor
  • Removable roof for easy cleaning
  • Lightweight & easy to assemble
  • Cedar scent calming for some


  • Steep stairs
  • Strong cedar scent
  • Not suitable for medium – large dogs
  • Not the best for weather protection


When it comes to outdoor shelters, comfort is important. Dogs should have protection from inclement weather. They appreciate the cozy, cave-like safety of a dog house. Additionally, they should have food and water. That’s why we love our luxury choice with food bowls. Most dogs enjoy being outside. Dog houses make the experience much better! Please leave a comment below if you’ve tried any of these options!

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